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Published: 9 Feb 2020

A Job Description for a Yard Jockey, A Job Description for a Yard Jockey, A Qualification Test for a Yard Jockey and more about yard jockey job. Get more data about yard jockey job for your career planning.

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A Job Description for a Yard Jockey

What is a yard jockey? A yard jockey is a truck driver who is moving trailers. Every plant and warehouse has a large yard where products are sent out.

The yard jockey moves trailers around the yard to and from the loading dock so that when a truck driver comes to pick up their load it is ready. The yard jockey is responsible for moving trailers to the loading dock to be loaded or unloaded, inspecting equipment, communicating with dispatch, delivering locally occasionally, log all trailer moves, and being very flexible as everyday things could change. If a trailer needs repairs, the yard jockey will notify the dispatch so the trailer can be taken to the repair shop.

The average salary for a yard jockey in the US is $16.00 per hour and $36,000 a year, depending on your location and experience, and if you have a degree. If you want to become a truck driver, you can get a yard jockey position, which doesn't require a degree in transportation. A yard jockey will be paid by the hour, which is great because you will know what your paycheck is each week, unlike a truck driver who is paid by the mile.

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A yard jockey is one of the most important positions. The whole operation will stop working if the yard jockey is not around. The yard jockey will move trailers.

When a truck driver comes to an operation to pick up their load, the yard jockey will move it into place so that it is ready for them. A yard jockey can move around 100 trailers in a single shift. The job of a yard jockey is more than just moving loads.

They are responsible for a lot more at the plant that they operate. They must maintain an orderly storage lot and maximize the efficiency in which they and others can move loads. They must operate the yard trucks in a safe way.

All driving is kept under 15 mph. They need to empty and replenish containers. A yard jockey must have good communication skills as they interact with other employees and visitors constantly.

Communication is done by cell phone or radio. They must comply with safety regulations and do other tasks assigned by their supervisor. The landing gear can cause an injury to a yard jockey.

A Qualification Test for a Yard Jockey

To be successful as a yard jockey, you need to be fit, have good eyesight, and communicate well. A Yard Jockey should be able to perform under pressure, have good driving skills, and be responsible.

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Yard jockeys: A job description

Yard jockeys are people who help move semi-trailers within a cargo yard or warehouse environment. As a driver, you can help inspect containers, manage equipment, and ensure the safe and smooth maneuvering of all trailers. Most yard jockeys focus on moving semi-trailers, so you may use other warehouse equipment to help transport goods.

Yard Jockeys

Yard Jockeys should be able to check incoming and outgoing equipment for their function. You should be able to keep up with the daily activities. You should always comply with the health and safety standards.

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The Careers of Yard Jockey

They maintain equipment in the yard and repair it. Also, helping in floor production when needed, and performing other duties. Yard jockeys are responsible for the upkeep of equipment.

They make sure the containers are sealed. They will follow the safety standards and policies set by the company. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects career growth for the job of yard jockey at 5% from the present to the year 2028.

The number of workers for the position of yard jockey is predicted to increase by about 99,700 by the year 2028. There are different careers that fit all. One may be curious about the next stage of their career after becoming a yard jockey.

Driver operator, professional driver, and CDL driver are some of the jobs that are relative. The average yearly salary for a yard jockey is $37,928, but they get to be paid $18.24. The lower-earning individual is paid less than the top yard jockeys.

The industry of yard jockeys has a different salary structure. The highest-earning yard jockey is found in transportation companies. They make an average of $46,538 per year in the transportation industry.

A Survey for Yard Jockeys

A yard jockey is in charge of the movement of equipment to facilitate the process of moving materials. The yard jockey is required to do his job quickly, have a good knowledge of inventory and maintain vehicles. The most suitable candidate for interviewing should be physically fit, have good time management skills, and have excellent eyesight. Candidates who lack the ability to lift heavy loads and have poor organizational skills are not good candidates.

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