Youth Development Coordinator Job Description


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Published: 12 Feb 2019

Programs and Activities for the Church Youth Development, The Job of Youth Development Specialists, The ideal candidate for the Youth Development Team and more about youth development coordinator job. Get more data about youth development coordinator job for your career planning.

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Programs and Activities for the Church Youth Development

The youth activities and peer counseling programs may be offered by the coordinators. Peer counseling and small group counseling can be used to help youth. The family meetings help the youth's family set development goals.

The specific programs and activities implemented by the coordinators help participants develop confidence, peer relationships and technical and transferable skills. The church youth program has a spiritual development component. There are different background requirements for each agency.

You need a bachelor's degree in a related field to get a degree in education, counseling, social work, youth development or a related field. Training on youth development is necessary regardless of degree. Passion for youth, good communication skills and greatInterpersonal skills are standard.

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The Job of Youth Development Specialists

The creation of programs designed to enhance the learning of youth participants is the work of youth development specialists. Personnel are tasked with monitoring the welfare of the youth involved in the program and reporting on their development when necessary. Youth development specialists must be willing to help the youth involved in their program make choices that are positive and safe.

They must teach the youth about topics such as drug and pregnancy prevention, leadership enhancement and information pertaining to gang prevention. Youth development specialists must have experience working with youth and have experience in the supervision of volunteers. Word processing and computer applications are required for applicants to be successful.

The ideal candidate for the Youth Development Team

The Youth Development Team is made up of a number of people, including the Youth Development Team's Youth Development Coordination. The ideal candidate will be skilled in working with adults and youth. They will be able to manage multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment. They must be flexible with their schedules.

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The UCAP Youth Development Coordinator

The Youth Development Coordinator contributes to the development of program goals and the development of work plans to meet those goals and supports the UCAP Community and Family Services Department.

The Mystic Seaport Museum Center for Experiential Education

The Center for Experiential Education at the Mystic Seaport Museum is looking for a full-time, year-round Youth Development Program Manager. The Center for Experiential Education is to help under-resourced youth improve their social, emotional, and leadership skills by teaching them maritime education. The Youth Development Program Coordinator will help recruit youth participants, implement staff and participant training on leadership and positive youth development, and create and help deliver engaging programming.

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Equal Pay for Work of Equivalent Value

Equal pay for work of equal value is one of the principles of the sustainable development goals. The salary ranges are based on level within the organization and are competitive to regional and national salary benchmarks.

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