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Published: 8 Jan 2019

The Function Manager of a Banquet, A Bachelor's Degree in a Banquet Manager Position, The Banquet Manager, A Survey of Banquet Managers and more about assistant banquet manager job. Get more data about assistant banquet manager job for your career planning.

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The Function Manager of a Banquet

Banquet managers develop a menu that fits the guests needs. You can coordinate with chefs and server if you consult with multiple members of the party. Banquets typically consist of several courses, which means you must be careful in your coordination to ensure that the food is of the highest quality.

The manager needs to train employees. As employees are hired they must be oriented in both food service and customer relations. Specific instruction before an event is required as every banquet is different.

You must explain to staff the conditions of the service. Banquet managers have a lot of responsibility in providing customer service. You must be aware of the needs of the banquet attendees.

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A Bachelor's Degree in a Banquet Manager Position

A banquet manager can have long hours and a stressed out environment. Depending on location and job duties, the salary ranges can be different. There are many advancement opportunities.

Many individuals go on to become food and beverage directors. The amount of formal education required to be a banquet manager varies from place to place. A high school degree is an equivalent of a high school degree.

A bachelor's degree is required in some positions, such as food service, business, or hospitality management. Practical work experience is very important. Managers who work closely with staff members or finances may benefit from having some background in human resources or accounting procedures.

The Banquet Manager

The Banquet Manager is responsible for coordinating the delivery of food and beverage for functions held in the Hotel and all details pertaining to functions being held in all Banquet and Meeting rooms in keeping with the standards prescribed by management. The position is focused on front of house activities.

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A Survey of Banquet Managers

Banquet managers are responsible for providing an excellent banquet experience. Their duties include consulting with banquet sales directors and head chefs, determining the number of wait staff, and planning the layout and setup of venues. They may have to manage beverage requests.

The Banquet Manager at Fort Worden

A banquet manager is involved in many different aspects of the food service industry. Banquet managers make sure that all the terms of a banquet contract are met and that guests receive the highest quality in food service and overall experience. The average banquet manager salary is $50,036 per year and 66 percent hold an associate degree or a bachelor's degree.

The banquet manager's duties are all encompassed. The Fort Worden event center says that time management skills, organizational abilities and a customer service orientation are essential qualities for employers. Banquet manager responsibilities include planning and overseeing all aspects of sports banquets, awards banquets and similar types of events.

The manager's duties begin with selling banquet options that fit their needs and budget, which requires persuasiveness and charisma. They verify the dates of the facility and talk to the executive chef about the menu. They look at the number of guests, function and room layout.

They have an inventory of tables, chairs, tablecloths, glasses, candles, utensils, linens, heat lamps and all other non-kitchen items. The banquet staff uses food rack and heating boxes, which are the responsibility of the executive chef. The banquet manager handles all beer, wine, liquor and soft drink at the facility if it does not have a bar manager.

The banquet captain is responsible for determining the staffing levels of events. The manager will assign staff to work for him. The banquet manager works on staff budgets to make sure the facility is meeting its profit goals.

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A Master's Degree in Hospitality Management

Excellent skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, organizational and communication are some of the attributes that an assistant banquet manager needs to have. Even though many supervisors have reached to become an assistant banquet manager with previous experience in the food industry, hiring employer prefers a degree in hospitality management or its related field.

Conference and Banqueting Managers

The assistants often help to serve food and drink on the day. They can set up or operate audio-visual systems for conferences. The conference and banqueting staff work 40 hours a week.

Their working time is likely to be based on a rotating schedule. It is possible that early starts and late finishes are necessary on the day of an event. Conference and banqueting staff work in suites attached to hotels, restaurants, and stately homes.

Functions can be held in a variety of places, from golf courses to universities. The conference and banqueting industry is growing. There are over 12,000 conference managers in the UK.

They can be based in a variety of places, including business centers, contract Catering companies, leisure facilities, pubs and restaurants, and hotels. There are also companies that manage events. Conference and banqueting managers can get promotion to general posts in hotel and leisure management.

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