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Published: 17 Mar 2020

The Careers of Associate Art Directors, Art Directors: A Professional Background in Graphic Design, Art Director Job Description Template, Managing Creative Director and more about associate art director job. Get more data about associate art director job for your career planning.

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The Careers of Associate Art Directors

Associate art directors who attend college can get degrees in graphic design or fine arts. Design and visual communication degrees are less common for associate art directors. If you have the right education, you can apply to companies to become an associate art director.

Most associate art director resume include experience from J.Crew, Conde Nast, and Gap. J.Crew had 3 openings for associate art directors. There are 2 job openings at Conde Nast.

The education and media industries are the most important industries for associate art directors to work in. The highest associate art director annual salary is in the non profits industry. They make about $60,000 in the media industry, and $62,972 in the professional industry.

Associate art directors in the education industry earn a lower salary than their non profits counterparts. Even though there are vastly different careers for associate art directors and graphic design managers, there are some skills that are the same. Both careers require graphic design, layout, and photography in their day-to-day roles.

The highest paid graphic design managers make an average of $65,787 a year. Associate art directors are paid more than their full time counterparts in the non profits industry. The education levels of graphic design managers are different from those of associate art directors.

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Art Directors: A Professional Background in Graphic Design

An Art Director is responsible for overseeing the visual images and styles of designs for several outlets, like magazines, newspapers, movies, television shows or other media forms. Their duties include deciding which art piece or graphics to include in their material, establishing the overall look for a campaign or media piece and approving designs or artwork pitched to them for the final product. Art Directors are in charge of the creation and implementation of certain design and art pieces.

They evaluate a company's goals and expectations, then direct their team to create visually appealing pieces that tell the story of the company's brand. Art Directors can work for an individual organization or an agency setting. They usually oversee a team of designers in their industry.

Art Directors often work with their team to design a strong piece that best represents the company's idea. To become an Art Director, applicants need a bachelor's degree in an art or related design field. If you are working in a management position, you may need a master's degree in business administration.

Art Directors should be skilled in graphic creation and editing computer programs. The Art Directors must have at least 5 years of experience working in an art related profession. Work experience at a managerial level is required.

Art Director candidates should be able to present a portfolio that shows their skills and experience. A good Art Director should be able to communicate with their design team. They should have a good understanding of the industry they work in and extensive experience in design to better understand the goals of clients and the messaging they communicate through their designs.

Art Director Job Description Template

We've made that distinction, so let's take a deeper look at what an Art Director does. We'll take a look at five real Art Director job descriptions and then we'll give you a template and salary information to make your own Art Director job description. Art Directors are responsible for the integration of design with strategy.

They are usually a member of the Creative or Marketing Team and work with the Communications Team, Software Developers, Project Managers and anyone else involved in the execution of a design project. We created an Art Director job description template that combines all of the important information from the job descriptions into one cohesive template. It is possible to modify it to better reflect your company's culture and personality.

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Managing Creative Director

To be successful as an Associate Creative Director you should be able to develop innovative and insightful ideas. An Associate Creative Director is a creative powerhouse with the ability to motivate and direct their team in the design and production of best-in-class solutions across different platforms.

The Associate Art Director of the SU(2) Films Production System

The Associate Art Director works with the production team to find solutions to any issues that may arise. Assists the Art Director with all phases of the design project. Associate Art Director needs knowledge of layout, color, and visual communication.

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Art Director Position in Advertising

Art directors help develop ad campaigns by conducting research, coordinating with other members of the art department, and designing cohesive, brand-specific initiatives that appeal to the target demographic. They are involved in the entire campaign development process from the beginning until the project is presented to the client. To be an art director, you need to be a creative and communicative multitasking person with good project and time management skills. You should be perceptive, detail oriented, and be on time for the campaign.

The Art Director role at Riot

You will be an Associate Art Director at Riot and will manage a team of Artists. You are responsible for hiring, offboarding, and ensuring that the team is meeting department quality and product needs. You will use your years of experience to help build some of the most famous art in the world of gaming.

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MRM is looking for an Associate Art Director who has a strong design aesthetic and wants to learn more about visual hierarchy and telling a brand story. You come to the table with ideas that are compelling. You know that taking creative direction is easy.

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