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Published: 3 Feb 2020

Cargo and Freight Agents, Expeditious and route cargo pickup in airports, Cargo and Freight Agents for Mail Carriers, The Agency Clause in a Voyage Charter and more about cargo office agent job. Get more data about cargo office agent job for your career planning.

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Cargo and Freight Agents

Tracking shipment updates, inventories, client and payment records, and other information requires accurate record keeping. The agents use computer programs to communicate with their clients. They must be familiar with and comfortable with various software programs.

Cargo and freight agents work in warehouses, stockrooms, and shipping and receiving stations. They are in contact with clients and other people in the shipping industry. They must be able to give information quickly and courteously.

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Expeditious and route cargo pickup in airports

Expedite and route movement of incoming and outgoing cargo and freight shipments in airline, train, and trucking terminals. Pick up freight and cargo from customers and deliver it to a loading platform. Prepare and examine bills of lading to determine shipping charges.

Cargo and Freight Agents for Mail Carriers

Mail carriers and package delivery services can be managed by cargo and freight agents. They arrange shipments other than ground, air or rail. The point of contact between customers and freight companies can be found in such agents.

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The Agency Clause in a Voyage Charter

The agent's position in a voyage charter is the same as the one from the port agent. The "Agency Clause" states who appoints the agent. The owner pays the agency fee if the charterer appoints the agent. The control task of the agent is extended to the services rendered to the ship in the harbour and to the handling of the goods.

Ship Agents

A ship agent is any person or company that does the work of an agent. They can be in business as a ship agent, or they can perform functions as an add-on to other activities such as ship owning or operating. Shipping agents will usually take care of all the regular tasks of a shipping company quickly and efficiently.

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Cargo and Freight Agents at the International Shipping Company

A cargo and freight agent performs eight duties for a shipping company or freight forwarding company. The agent uses all the resources at his disposal to complete the task. The International Shipping Company at Asiana USA has well- qualified and experienced cargo freight agents who are ready to serve you. For a free estimate, contact us.

Customer Service Skills in Cargo Agents

The transportation sectors usually hire cargo agents for their work. Identifying client transportation needs, suggesting the best suitable transportation options, explaining the procedures and policies involved in it, helping in documentation processes, quoting best prices, guiding clients on banking and insurance matters are some of the most common roles and responsibilities listed on successful resume. Excellent customer service background.

Excellent customer service skills were achieved by working in the food industry. Interested in learning a different field of work. Responsible cargo instructor who is proficient in keeping track of employees training records and being compliant to FAA, TSA and company policy.

A drive for excellence and passion for life. For three years in cargo and one year as a trainer, you were a cargo worker. Excellent customer service background is the headline.

Excellent customer service skills can be achieved by working in the food industry. Interested in learning a different field of work. A fast learner and willing to learn new skills.

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Cargo Agent for a large freight forwarder

I am looking to join a growing and productive team within a reputed company that will allow me to grow my skills as a Cargo Agent. Ready to use talents to bring value to team management through solid communication skills and strong knowledge of freight and cargo practices.

Computer Science and Technology Skills Requirements for a Freight Agent

Understand the requirements to become a freight agent. The delivery and shipment of freight must be done in a certain time frame. A large majority of inventory tracking, invoicing and documentation is done using computer software and applications, so make sure you have strong computer skills.

Accurate records are also important. Customer service skills are important because freight agents interact with clients, companies that provide shipping services, and personnel in the organization. Prepare for the physical requirements of the job.

Freight agents spend time outdoors. They are on their feet to watch the arrival and departure of shipments. They can help with loading and unloading shipments, and may be required to lift heavy packages or operate a forklift.

Attend classes about business. Employers prefer those with postsecondary education in disciplines such as supply chain management if they want to be a freight agent. There are degree programs available online.

The skills required of freight agents are highlighted on your resume. If you are interested in becoming a freight agent, you should highlight your education and training, knowledge of computer applications and any similar skills you have. Employers prefer those with professional experience over those who are trained on the job.

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A Long Time Agent for the Airport Terminal

You will be more efficient with scheduled work hours if you are an airport ramp agent for a long time. Success in the position may lead to supervisor roles. Managers and supervisors make higher salaries.

Air cargo rules and rates: TACT principles

Understand the structure of the different TACT publications, the main principles of air cargo rules and rates, the application of them in the calculation of charges and their representation the Air Waybill.

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A Customer Service Agent

To be successful as a Reservation Agent you need to have good customer service skills and be able to work with minimal supervision. You should be able to up-sell and have a good knowledge of deals.

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