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Published: 18 Feb 2020

Maintenance of Aircraft in Afghanistan, The College Softball Crew Chief, The 3rd Wing and Alaska Air National Guard dedicated crew chiefs and more about crew chief job. Get more data about crew chief job for your career planning.

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Maintenance of Aircraft in Afghanistan

The supervisor of 10 aviation crew chiefs was deployed to Afghanistan twice for one year each time. I was responsible for the maintenance of five aircraft and daily operations of maintenance on equipment valued in excess of $55 million.

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The College Softball Crew Chief

The crew chief must take the lead when onfield situations require a rule interpretation. The crew chief of a college or high school should be able to provide leadership and promote communication in both pre and postgame discussions. They are expected to coordinate any travel plans with the crew, complete reports in a timely manner, and have integrity.

Sometimes the crew chief has to be a psychologist. The crew chief needs to understand the makeup of the crew and use the right methods to get the best out of them. If the crew is experienced and business-like with a good understanding of the importance of their job, a different style is required than if the crew is less experienced and a bit nervous.

The style is one that tries to stick to the basics with a solid pre-game and effort to get the less-experienced crew to talk more. The more experienced crew has a style that is more pragmatic. The crew chief must study the schedule and plan their travel.

The crew chief will arrange the travel plans for the crew so they arrive at the airport at the same time. Some conferences conduct meetings that may include a separate session for crew chiefs. The sessions will usually review the paperwork that is required, such as crew chief reports, halted game reports, and proper contact with assigners.

The paperwork is a main conduit of communication between the umpire crew and the coordinators and assigner. The crew chief should lead the crew to walk the field and discuss any ground rules. The ground rules for each conference field are listed in the documentation.

The 3rd Wing and Alaska Air National Guard dedicated crew chiefs

The 3rd Wing and Alaska Air National Guard had their dedicated crew chiefs, assistant dedicated crew chiefs and flying crew chiefs recognized in a ceremony on March 9, 2017. The event formally appoints and recognizes those who are selected to assume the responsibilities of crew chiefs, according to the event's emcee. The C17 Globemaster III and the E3 Sentry Airborne Warning and Control System are designated roles which require a certain amount of pride, professionalism, and enthusiasm from those who crew them.

The role plays a significant part in the aviation world. The crew chief of each aircraft is responsible for the teams and maintenance on station and temporary duty locations. The assistant dedicated crew chief is in charge of the task assigned to him and will step in when the dedicated crew chief is unavailable.

The flying crew chief is responsible for the safe repair and generation of the aircraft while on the off-station mission. Air Force Staff Sgt said it was an honor to be trusted with the aircraft and to bring the crew home safely. The 962nd Aircraft Maintenance Unit has a dedicated crew chief.

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The Crew Chief in Basketball

The crew chief is the official who makes the final decision in a basketball game. The crew chief is not allowed to over-call the umpires or referees in college basketball. The crew chief is the leader of the group. When a coach needs an explanation of a call or a complaint with a call, they consult with the crew chief.

How to be a Crew Chief

Monty and Javie gave a course on how to be a crew chief at a recent workshop. They took attendees through real-life situations and discussed the qualities that make a crew chief a true leader. Crew chief is more than just a title and it goes beyond any arena.

It is important for officials to have a working knowledge of the game. When questions arise about difficult scenarios, you are looked at as a crew chief. You need to know what you are doing.

It is difficult for crew chiefs to always know what to do when other officials need help, but you get better at it when you are available and willing to help. Stay for the conference. When questions come your way, be available via phone.

Practice is needed for confidence in leadership. You are going to make mistakes when you are a crew chief. You will handle it correctly the next time.

You will learn from crew chiefs you have been under what to do and not do. As soon as your association allows it, volunteer to be a mentor. You can help your role as a crew chief by attending the extra games with your mentee and guiding him or her during and away from the game.

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The Crew Chief of an Aircraft Maintenance System

The crew chief is the person who takes on the responsibilities of maintaining the aircraft, observing its safety and providing in-flight maintenance after a flight.

Flight attendants: A role of cabin crew

The cabin crew are known as flight attendants, air Hostess, flight stewards, or even trolley dolly's. They are on the aircraft for two reasons: safety and comfort. If there were no food or drink on the flight, there would still be a minimum presence of cabin crew for safety, which is a legal requirement.

The cabin crew has to greet the passengers, direct them to their seats, and make sure that the luggage is kept out of the overhead cabins. The cabin crew demonstrates the emergency procedures to the passengers once they are on the plane. In case of emergencies, cabin crews are there to make sure passengers follow the correct procedures.

The crew may have to deal with a lot of emergencies. The cabin crew members are at the end of the flight to make sure that the passengers are safe. The crew members are then asked to complete a report that records all the flight details.

Duty free sales, food and drinks sales, any unusual incidents, customs and immigration documentation are some of the things that can be included. The Chief Purser and the Purser will both have similar roles and responsibilities on larger aircraft. Senior Crew Members may be on larger aircraft types.

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Basic Crew Chief Training

Crew chiefs need a normal color vision to get the job. They must pass a background check to get a secret security clearance. The first day of basic training in the Air Force is at Lackland Air Force Base.

Crew chiefs stay in Texas for technical school. If you're looking for a favorite, you may be out of luck because the Air Force has the final say on which aircraft a particular crew chief will train to work on. Airmen who have learned basic principles can be assigned to specialize in maintenance of craft such as F-15 or F-16 fighter jets, the A-10 Thunderbolt, training aircraft, helicopters, the U-2 reconnaissance plane, or the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

Supervision of archaeological data collection and interpretation

Under direct supervision, leads an archaeological crew. Oversees the collection, recording, and interpretation of archaeological data in the field. Assists in the preparation of technical reports for publication.

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Helicopter Repair: Basics and Advanced Training

Before you can start on-the-job training, you have to complete 10 weeks of basic combat training. Before you can become a crew chief, you should know about the helicopter's functions. You can become a helicopter repairer for a few years to get the training you need to operate a helicopter of your choice.

Instructors will let you choose between the helicopters. Once you have a choice, you can devote time to learning more about how it works in order to become a crew chief. You can learn to fix aluminum, fiberglass and steel airframes, as well as repairing fuel, electrical and hydraulic systems.

While you are repairing the helicopter, you will receive hands-on training to complete tasks like taking the helicopter apart and learning how to put it back together. You may finish other maintenance tasks regularly to ensure you have the skills needed to be a crew chief. If you impress your supervisors with your abilities, you may be able to get advanced crew chief training.

Your advanced training sessions may include supervision from experienced crew chiefs. You can analyze and practice common crew chief tasks, like how to accurately drop smoke grenades and mark helicopter landing zones. The supply transportation portion of the job is part of your training.

You can learn to load and unload cargo safely and take inventory before and after deliveries. Army crew chiefs should have advanced mechanical abilities since they are originally used as maintenance repair people. They use their impressive leadership skills to give guidance to crew members as they complete large or complex tasks.

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