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Published: 23 Mar 2020

A Nurse Abstractor Salary, Remote Data Processing for Health Care, A Chance to Be an Abstractor, A Multi-Agent Team, Medical Abstractors and more about data abstractor job. Get more data about data abstractor job for your career planning.

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A Nurse Abstractor Salary

A nurse abstractor is looking for patient files and passing on information to the doctors and nurses. You have to stay ahead of the latest medical technology while analyzing patient records to improve the standard of care and diagnostics. A registered nurse abstractor can expect to make around $69,000 a year. The highest end of the scale will bring in about $102,000, and your salary will largely depend on your education level.

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Remote Data Processing for Health Care

You work from home to review and assess clinical data in medical records to verify compliance with health care standards and company regulations. Your responsibilities include entering data into a database, performing clinical auditing, and abstracting key information from charts. Ensuring that electronic records are complete and accurate is one of the things you are responsible for.

Quality of care and patient safety are the top priorities, so you must be analytical with strong strategic thinking skills. You need to have experience in abstracting data related to cardiovascular conditions, trauma, cancer diagnoses, and the like. To get the required familiarity with medical terminology and the health care system, an advanced qualification is needed.

You need strong project management skills and the ability to pay attention to detail. You must have good computer skills, a reliable high-speed internet connection, and the ability to work independently and meet productivity goals if you are to be a remote employee. Experience in a remote role is an asset.

A Chance to Be an Abstractor

Do you have a knack for reading and writing? Do you have a strong interest in medicine, science, technology, marketing, and many other subjects? Do you like spending the rest of the day at home and not having to leave?

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A Multi-Agent Team

Accurately calculates the levels of data accuracy for assigned accounts via validation activities. Strong communication, documentation, organizing and planning skills are required to ensure strong leadership of multiple accounts.

Medical Abstractors

Medical abstractors use knowledge of medical terminology and coding to analyze patient records and other medical data. A high school degree and coding experience is required to become a medical abstractor. An associate's degree program is highly regarded by employers.

A medical abstractor enters data from medical charts into a database and works with physicians and staff to find information or pull specific charts. You analyze variables in patients and review data for completeness. You collect followup data and correspond with physicians about incomplete charts.

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A Short Training Program for New Real Estate Agents

Title abstractors certify the history of a piece of real estate. Title abstractors are hired by law firms, real estate companies, and insurance companies to work part- and full-time shifts during business hours. Title abstractors work within a framework of a team and report to their supervisors.

Title abstractors can travel to courthouses to get information about properties, but they usually conduct online research from within the office. Some law firms and insurance companies prefer candidates with a bachelor's degree, even though many employers require title abstractors to have an associate's degree. Some employers will hire title abstractors if they have work experience.

Title abstractors have a valid driver's license if they are hired by an employer. A brief training period is offered to new title abstractors. Training usually lasts two weeks.

EMR Librarians

You may have to transfer data from one EMR to another if you work with paper files. You must keep your communication skills sharp if you serve as a liaison with other offices. You need to be very comfortable with a computer and have stellar keyboarding skills.

You will sometimes be working between multiple databases, and using dual monitors is important. Experience with popular healthcare software is very desirable. It is important that you have good knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite.

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It takes someone who can find their way through the medical record and who can decide on very specific instructions for answering each data element question. It helps to know the classification of the drugs.

The Clinical Data Abstractor: A role in the Quality of Care for Multi-Agent Systems

The Clinical Data Abstractor has the responsibility of collecting and entering data and measuring trends on patients care. The Clinical Data Abstractor will develop a relationship with an established case load of practices, meeting deadlines and standards with minimal supervision, and report findings and trends to the MOQC according to established standards and deadlines. The Clinical Data Abstractor will work with the Project Managers, Program Manager, and Program Directors to improve the quality of care in the MOQC practices.

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Data Abstraction in Patient Records

Data abstraction of patient records is performed in support of clinical process improvement and patient safety initiatives. The results of audits and identified trends are reviewed by a number of people.

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