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Published: 13 Feb 2019

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Event Staff

An event staff member is someone who helps prepare venues for live events. The staff members of the event may work in a variety of positions. Some work is done to set up equipment.

Others are busy keeping the events clean. Staff members hired to work before an event might perform duties such as setting up bleachers or chairs, building stages or preparing the playing surfaces for sporting events. Pre- event staff members who work in arenas might be responsible for setting up a wooden floor for a basketball game after a hockey game.

The staff who work in concessions must know how to operate cash register and check identification for customers who want to purchase alcoholic beverages. Staff members who are not trained in cooking need to keep an eye on what is being served, maintain food safety practices and work quickly while practicing good customer service. The staff members who work as the escort are responsible for making audience members in their seats and for following all fire codes when the event starts.

The location of concessions and restrooms may be required of the escort. Good people skills are required of staff members who work as ushers. Most events feature individuals who keep the crowd under control and protect the performers during the course of the event.

Security members are usually responsible for checking bags and purses before entering an arena or stadium. Many events hire staff to give out free stuff to fans. Janitorials and custodians can be hired to keep stadiums and arenas clean, as well as make sure garbage cans are emptied regularly.

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The Event Management Team

The event staff is involved in the management of events. They prepare venues, set up chairs and stages, and operate cash register.

Event Management Positions in the Maritime Region

Setting up venues, building stages, and installing light and sound equipment are some of the responsibilities you will have. You will be responsible for maintaining the inventory and reviewing the same post. Customer service skills will be helpful in addressing customer queries.

You should be able to handle stress and other situations as an event staff. Good physical dexterity and mental strength are required. You should be a great speaker and have good negotiation skills.

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Hiring Event Staff

The correct and efficient management of events in both public and corporate settings is ensured by the event staff. The primary duties of an event staff worker are to set up stages and chairs, help guests navigate the venue, and work the cash register. Certain events require more planning and can affect the role of an event staff worker.

Responsibilities could include setting up chairs and bleachers, or making sure the ground is ready for sporting events. If an event staff is operating in an arena, they may need to cover an ice surface to make way for a wooden floor for a court oriented game. The staff members of the event team help prepare the venues for events.

The event staff can work a number of positions in a given night. In some cases, the event staff may be responsible for setting up the necessary materials. The goal of the event staff is to make the event run smoothly.

Every event staff position looks a little different, so highlighting what makes your position unique will give you an idea of what your company position looks like. Adding in the necessary duties and responsibilities could help find the best candidates. You need to include relevant company information and qualifications in your job description for an event specialist.

If you want to hire people that are good for your company, you should consider what qualities you want to see in them. It's much easier to narrow down on what your ideal candidate looks like. A revolutionary hiring process for events positions can be difficult to find.

Event Security Staff

The entertainment may be included. Entertainment staff can be different based on the type of event, from a single disk jockey to a full orchestra. The event staff entertainment includes the team and band announcements.

Dancers who perform between breaks in a game or between sets of a concert are some of the smaller entertainment acts that are included in some events. The security staff is supposed to help ensure the safety of those at the event. They may be broken into tasks such as crowd control and protecting guests and performers.

Security staff members may be responsible for inspecting bags at the entrance of the event. Most events use security staff for the general protection of those involved, regardless of the size or number of attendees. The staff members who are ushered have the responsibility of making sure that the attendees are in their seats and that the aisles are cleared before the event starts.

Those in roles of escort should have good people skills because they need to interact with people. Concert staff are used at sporting events. A well-developed Job Description is a great resource to find ideal job candidates.

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Job Search in Event Planning

If you are just starting the process, it can be difficult to find jobs in event planning. If you are looking for a job, changing careers, or trying to trade your solo business in for a corporate gig, the wide array of opportunities combined with the varied skills required could leave a job-seeker thinking that all jobs in event planning demand an inhuman amount of experience and abilities. Jobs in event planning require some degree of negotiation skill.

Your boss is going to want to make sure that your team has favorable terms and is coming out on top regardless of the circumstances, but there are a lot of stakeholders at any given event. Have you ever negotiated a contract? Employers know that it can be intimidating if you are first time.

It takes confidence and a strong constitution to hold your ground in a negotiation. If you are serious about looking at jobs in event planning, you are likely to be the people person. If you are not a people person, you can tap into that side of yourself.

Customer service keeps companies in the black. Great partnerships and great revenue are the result of great customer service. It will take an exceptional amount of creativity to pull off your events.

Jobs in event planning are always busy so your ideas and solutions can't afford to be dull. Your unique style is going to distinguish you from the rest. When trying to find a job in event planning, you should know what employers are looking for and how to structure your pitch to get the job you want.

Event Planning: A Business Intelligence

An event planner should be able to interact and build a relationship in a short time. C-suite executives, event attendees, donors, brand sponsors, and vendors are all potential clients of event planners. StrongInterpersonal skills are needed to ensure that everyone involved in the event understands their role and that things run smoothly.

You need to have strong writing skills to convey information with confidence, respect, and clarity. The event planners are great listening and understanding their clients' needs. If you think you are good at bargaining, you have an event planning skill.

It is important for planners to be able to negotiate a contract with a sponsor get the best deal on a venue. Negotiating requires a mix of tact, preparation and confidence. Budgeting requires forecasting and tracking spend.

Maximizing the use of time is not an option for event organizers. You need to juggle a lot of tasks, including ticket sales, event promotion, sponsorship acquisition, and day-of logistics. There are multiple events that you need to plan.

If you have a team, you can delegate some work, but it is your job to make sure that nothing goes wrong. The event planning is more than just a list. You need to use your creativity to bring a vision to life as an event planner.

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The Best Event Planners

A group of people who are hard-working and hyper-organized are called event planners. The role of event organizers is one of the most challenging jobs in the world, yet equally rewarding for some. C-suite executives, donors, brand sponsors, vendors, and event attendees are just some of the people that event planners interact with daily.

Everyone involved understands their role and strong people skills are important to running a smoothly. The best event organizers have good written and verbal communication skills. They are good at communicating their own vision and are also great listening.

The pros are the ones who negotiate. From convincing a venue to lower their minimum to negotiating a contract with a Platinum Sponsor, rockstar event planners blend preparation, confidence, tact, and those oh-so- important people skills to get what they need. To be a successful event planner you need to be able to juggle a lot at once.

It is your responsibility to make sure nothing goes wrong when you read your job description. The average event organizers is planning and executing multiple events at the same time. If you have a team working with you, you will need to improve your delegation skills to save yourself from burnout.

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