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Published: 6 Feb 2020

The West Coast Campus of MITAGS, The Captain's Role in Ship Safety, First Mates: A Knowledge of Yachting Rules and Regulation and more about first mate job. Get more data about first mate job for your career planning.

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The West Coast Campus of MITAGS

Chief mate have many responsibilities. Specific duties and responsibilities vary by vessel but typically include deck department management, navigation watch-standing, cargo operations, safety and firefighting operations, environmental protection, as well as acting as a vessel security officer and medical officer. The west coast campus offers more than just ECDIS and Advanced Ship handling. The entire program is now offered by the west coast campus of MITAGS.

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The Captain's Role in Ship Safety

The captain needs the chief mate's help in order to keep the ship safe. The crew's welfare and training are included in the responsibilities. The chief mate is usually on watch from 4 AM until 8 AM and 4 PM until 8 PM, and he is responsible for keeping the ship, crew, and cargo safe.

The mate must enforce all applicable regulations, such as the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea and pollution regulations. The watch in a port focuses on duties such as cargo operations, fire and security watches, monitoring communications and the anchor mooring lines. Techniques used to fix a ship's position a chart are described in the book "How to Fix a Ships' position a Charts".

The officer directs the helmsman to keep track of the effects of winds, tides, currents and estimated speed. The officer uses nautical publications such as Sailing Directions, tide tables, Notices to Mariners, and radio navigation warnings to keep the ship clear of danger in transit. The mate needs to be able to quickly solve steering control problems and calibrate the system for optimum performance.

The officer must be able to determine and correct for compass errors since magnetic and gyrocompasses show the course to steer. Understanding the basics of ship's construction is a key to keeping a ship seaworthy. In cases of flooding and loss of buoyancy, the mate must know what to do.

First Mates: A Knowledge of Yachting Rules and Regulation

The first mate or other mate will need to have a good knowledge of yachting rules and regulations. The first mate is usually responsible for making sure the ship is following all safety regulations.

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The Deckhands of the AB Shipyard

The DDE is the first person to be in charge of the department. You are responsible for making sure that the rest of the engineering crew is running smoothly and efficiently. The engineering equipment and other aspects must be operated, maintained, and repaired safely to ensure maximum efficiency of the ship's main engine systems and other on-board equipment.

The Chief Engineer will need the help of the DDE in logging all consumables and supplies aboard the vessel. You must supervise all the engine room protocols, emergency drills, and other procedures, and you must assist the crew with crane operations, heavy lifting, and other ship duties. The Able Seaman, also known as theAB deckhand, is usually at the helm of the vessel or watching from another vantage point for any obstructions in the way which must be reported immediately to the captain or first mate.

You are the watch stander and you are responsible for performing maintenance on the ship. You will serve in a variety of other positions, such as a day worker where general operating and maintaining the deck machinery is needed, as well as anchoring and mooring the vessel, loading and unloading equipment and supplies, and storing the supplies and equipment. The deckhands of the AB are usually responsible for the launching and operating of the safety equipment.

Employers' responsibility to first aiders

The casualty must be reassured by the first aider if they are in need of medical help. It is up to the employer to identify what the requirements are for their specific situation. The requirements of your first aid kit should be highlighted in the risk assessment.

The kit should contain the equipment, bandages and other aids to deal with the injuries that may reasonably be expected in your workplace. It is not the same as an adequate first aid cover on a building site, a school or an office. The responsibilities of the first aiders in each situation will vary according to the situation.

The case studies are designed to help employers decide what first aid cover is required. There is an assumed duty of care when an event is organised under a particular group. A first aider has the same responsibility as a worker.

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First Mate Resume Sample

A first mate is usually in charge of the ship's cargo and deck crew. They are second in command help the captain with his safety and security. A first mate is a licensed mariner who is in charge of the deck.

The chief mate is usually in charge of the ship's cargo and deck crew. The US has a median salary of over $50,000 for first mates. That is a lot of money.

It could be different depending on the company and the candidate. The record was high as $79,974 and as low as $26,088. A first mate resume sample must show leadership skills right away since their job duties involve leadership tasks.

The salaries of deck officers on yachts

The deck officers have contributed with their salaries breaking down to 125 chief officers, 61 second officers, 20 third officers and 18 sole mates. The deck salaries are not changed on mid-size vessels. Sole mates earn between 3500 and 4500 on 50m yachts. The average monthly salary on permanent contracts on yachts is less common than on other types of contracts.

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The Five Essential Deeds of the First Mate

By remembering the 5 essential duties of the First mate, you will be on your way to making yourself a woman worthy of a good man, and creating a relationship that is positive for everyone involved.

First Mates

A first mate is the top officer on a ship. They may fill a number of roles from checking stock to making sure everyone else is doing their job on the ship, leaving their captain to more important duties. They only reply to the captain.

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