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Published: 9 Jan 2019

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An art gallery assistant works full time in an art gallery, helping the director operate the art gallery like a small business. The art gallery assistant may be in charge of updating the gallery website and promoting the exhibitions via various types of social media. The art gallery assistant is a part of the business because it deals in art, and they help with shipping and handling of artworks.

The assistant will work with the director to create the gallery's press kit and art handling if the gallery attends an art fair. An art gallery assistant is the first person the public sees in the gallery, and that's different from an art gallery assistant who is sitting at the front desk. A professional appearance is important.

Men and women wear suits and ties, while women have stylish hair and makeup. It is not common to see gallery staff dress in a creative way. Art gallery assistants can work full-time or part-time depending on when the gallery is open.

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Studio Assistants

Being a studio assistant may be a good fit for people who enjoy working in artistic environments. Such work can be found in a variety of settings, including art galleries, recording studios, theaters, photography agencies, and even make-and-take ceramic stores. The hours are based on the industry and the needs of the employer.

studio assistants might have to travel to different locations to set up equipment Studios usually provide services for several clients at the same time. Studio assistants keep a close eye on each customer to ensure they meet deadlines.

A studio assistant for a wedding photographer might meet with the couple to get the date of the wedding and then go over the schedule for the day with them. A studio assistant for a university might keep a central calendar of when rooms are being used or borrowed. studio assistants are often the go-betweens when artistic endeavors require input from multiple sides.

At an art gallery, such actions might include contacting participants in an upcoming show to go over drop-off arrangements or providing artists with proper release forms to sign. An assistant might be in charge of getting appropriate people to sign off on the proof for a photo shoot. studio assistants have knowledge of the tools used in their industry

They may perform routine maintenance to keep things working. They carry equipment to a location they want, set it up and adjust it according to instructions. Sound checks, adjusting microphones, and laying cable are some of the possibilities.

You will be responsible for the commercial and artistic success of a gallery. You will manage the sales and marketing of the gallery and communicate with the artists and dealers. You can work underneath the gallery director owner but still have responsibility for the commercial and artistic success of the gallery.

You may have a more varied role in smaller private galleries. Flexibility is essential as the working day rarely finishes when the gallery closes, but it is linked to gallery opening hours which include Saturdays. The day finishes when the exhibition is ready.

It is an excellent way to get experience and contacts if you are paid or volunteer to work in a gallery assistant or gallery associate role. You can get work in other areas of gallery management, such as sales and exhibitions, and then move into gallery management. If applying for work experience, you should look at galleries that interest you.

Visiting galleries in person with a well-written CV can be helpful. Attend art fairs, register with gallery mailing lists, and attend shows and private viewings to show your interest and build your knowledge. If you don't have a postgraduate qualification, you could take a MA in a subject with a focus on gallery and museum studies or arts policy and arts management.

Check that it's relevant to your needs. There are also postgraduate courses in art and art scenography. If you work in a more traditional commercial gallery, you may be interested in courses run by large auction houses such as Christie's Education and the Institute of Art.

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The partial underground remains of ancient London's Roman amphitheatre, discovered by chance during rebuilding works in the 1980s, is perhaps the most notable curiosity of the Guildhall gallery. The gallery's administrative rooms are located deep below the amphitheatre, which is a strange consequence of preserving the Roman ruins. The private door marked "Private" leads to the basement where the gallery's team of two curators and five "conservators" reside.

Administrative services are provided by gallery assistants. A gallery assistant might order office supplies, answer phones, issue and manage written correspondence, and set up or confirm appointments with artists, vendors, clients or visitors. They might also provide design mailers, posters, brochures, artist background materials and event invitations.

They might also write and post classified ads for new jobs, internship or volunteer positions. Gallery assistants perform a wide range of duties. They might check shipments to confirm the arrival of new pieces for an event, unpack and prepare pieces for display, set up exhibition or event spaces, install pieces, or pack and ship pieces previously on display.

Gallery assistants can help with the design and coordination of exhibits. They can help arrange food, create an event schedule or coordinate with participants. Public relations services are provided by gallery assistants.

They might handle media interviews, greet visitors or maintain online social media accounts. They might also be able to answer questions about upcoming exhibitions or events. They might assist with the purchase and sale of artwork, manage art orders, prepare sold artwork for shipment or follow up with customers to confirm the successful arrival and good condition of sold pieces.

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A gallery assistant is in the gallery. They make sure that all items are accounted for. They are involved in planning and organization of the event and make sure that exhibits are well coordinated. They are the face of the gallery and interact with visitors and management.

Gallery assistants work with curators and art gallery staff. Gallery assistant resume examples show the duties of the assistant, which include organizing events, taking phone calls, and ensuring the gallery is clean and well-organized. A good Gallery Assistant should be organized, have good communication skills, and know about art subjects. Many candidates for the job have a Bachelor's Degree in art history or similar area on their resume.

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Art Gallery Assistants work with art gallery managers to make sure that operations run smoothly and that visitors enjoy their visit. Administrative and clerical tasks are listed on a typical Art Gallery Assistant resume sample. Those looking for an assistant position in an art gallery need to show they can solve problems, have good communication skills, and have computer literacy. A high school or a Bachelor's Degree is a good example of a resume.

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