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Published: 8 Jan 2019

The Room Attendant's Role in the Hotel / Suite Design, The Posts of Guest Room Attendant, The Guest Room Attendant Job Description and more about guest room attendant job. Get more data about guest room attendant job for your career planning.

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The Room Attendant's Role in the Hotel / Suite Design

The room attendants are responsible for maintaining the rooms and providing a pleasant experience for guests. They make sure that all rooms are clean and inviting.

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The Posts of Guest Room Attendant

The guest room attendants are responsible for making sure that guests have a comfortable environment to spend time in. They thoroughly clean the rooms and make sure they are nice to look at. To be hired for the position of guest room attendant, you will be expected to have certain skills, knowledge, abilities, experience, and other qualities.

The Guest Room Attendant Job Description

The guest room attendants make sure that the guests have a clean, well stocked, comfortable environment in which to spend their time. All positions require good attention to detail, good multi task skills, and solid customer service skills, and all positions have differing salaries. In large resorts and hotels, guest room attendants may be required to maintain a large number of rooms in a short period of time.

The guest room attendants clean the bathroom and change the linens. Fresh towels and toiletries, as well as fresh bathrobes, pick up and delivery of dry cleaning, and other amenities for guests, are provided in upscale locations. The guest room attendants can also clean common areas.

They can also handle other minor things such as replacing light bulbs, remote control batteries and stationary, and ensuring the room service menu is clean and orderly. The job is fast paced and requires a good work ethic. A high school degree is usually required for a job as a guest room attendant.

It is possible to have prior experience in janitorial or housekeeping services. Those who are interested in working in management roles can pursue higher education in a field such as business management, hotel management or hospitality. The guest room attendants have the ability to move into higher paying roles based on their experience.

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The Hotel Rooms

The hotel room attendants prepare the hotel room's bed for the guest. The attendant must clean the bedding and pillow cases to make them presentable. The hotel chains replace the covers between guests. Hotel room attendants change a guest's bedding before he arrives, and many make his bed daily during his stay.

Room Attendants at the Tallman Hotel

The majority of a room attendant's job is to clean the hotel rooms from top to bottom during a guest's stay and in preparation for the next guest. According to HCareers, attendants start cleaning at the furthest end of the room and move toward the door. They clean all surfaces and replace bed linens before going to the bathroom to clean the shower, bathtub and toilets.

The attendant usually vacuums after finishing the bathroom. The attendants or the housekeepers are usually associated with cleaning but they also interact with guests. The Grande Rockies Resort says that attendants should always be polite and professional with customers and fellow employees, and that they should be an example to the rest of the staff.

A hotel serves guests from all over the world and it is a plus if they speak more than one language. Hotel room attendants need a lot of strength. The Tallman Hotel says that its attendants can be on their feet for up to five hours and have to push or pull loads of up to 75 pounds.

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Room Attendants in a Hotel

A strong reputation for cleanliness is one of the most important elements of a successful hotel. The room attendants keep their establishments clean. They make beds, clean sleeping spaces, and make bathroom renovations.

Before guests arrive, the rooms are inspected to make sure they are fully stocked with all the essentials. They are responsible for checking smoke alarms, lights, remote controls, and other permanent fixture to make sure they are in working order. There are no requirements to become a room attendant.

The physical ability and high school diplomas of the people hired to work in hotels are important. A criminal background check is done before a prospective worker is hired. The majority of attendants work alongside other attendants to learn the routine and pick up skills.

Room Attendant Jobs in Tourism

The exception of prior experience is what makes a room attendant job a good one. It is suitable for anyone looking for a second job or just a few hours work in the morning, because it is often part-time. The tourism sector has a lot of jobs opportunities and always has high demand for personnel. A room attendant job can be seen as a way of gaining hotel work experience that can lead to other jobs in the sector.

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Room Attendant Jobs in a Large Hotel

Room attendants are responsible for cleaning and servicing guest rooms in order to provide a pleasant and comfortable experience for guests. They make sure that all rooms are clean and inviting and they address all guest queries respectfully. The employee who manages the household is referred to as the housekeeper in a large household.

The room attendant duties include cleaning the guest rooms, refilling supplies, cleaning the public areas and seeing to the needs of the guests. The average number of rooms cleaned by a housekeeper is 13 to 15 a day, but it can be as high as 30 at some hotels. They are expected to clean them all in eight hours.

Sometimes they still have to knock even if you put your "Do Not Disturb" sign out. The attendants work in specific areas to keep the company clean and happy. They make sure that each experience is special for their customers.

You could be cleaning up a room, keeping food or materials stocked, or making sure everyone has drinks and snacks. Hotel housekeeping employees make beds in the guest rooms and change sheets. They keep the rooms stocked with clean cups, coffee supplies, towels and other bathroom items.

Room Attendant Skills

There are some skills that are required of a room attendant. A person must have a firm understanding of how to clean a room, including making a bed neatly and crisp. A room attendant should have a good knowledge of cleaning and other skills, but also have good communication skills, good physical strength, and good time management skills.

A strong stomach is all of the above. Room attendants see things that make people sick. Not everyone is cut out for a job like house cleaning.

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The Room Service Supervisor at the Hilton

The supervisor will be reporting directly to you. You will be responsible for the hotel's upkeep. You will be cleaning the hallways, dining area and banquet halls in addition to cleaning the guest rooms.

You should be prepared to provide necessary services to guests while adhering to hotel policies and procedures. Excellent room service is what you are tasked with providing to guests. You should be ready to work in shifts.

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