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Published: 1 Feb 2020

The Counter Attendant Salary, What Skills Should I Include in a Counter Attendant Job Description?, The Food Service Counter Attendant, Kitchen Preparer and Other Occupation Jobs Outlook in BC and more about counter attendant job. Get more data about counter attendant job for your career planning.

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The Counter Attendant Salary

Depending on your experience, location, company, industry, and benefits, the Counter Attendant salary can vary. Most counter attendants make between $17,200 and $20,400 per year.

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What Skills Should I Include in a Counter Attendant Job Description?

Counter attendants are the first people to greet customers. They greet customers and answer questions. They serve a variety of ready-made food and drink items.

Good candidates will be personable, friendly and focused on customer service, so make sure to emphasize that in the skills section of your counter attendant job description. Counter attendants need to be attentive to detail and accurate in taking and delivering orders. Counter attendants spend a lot of time on their feet.

Counter attendants should be patient with customers and be helpful when dealing with any problems that arise. The example below shows you how to include things in your counter attendant job description. By meeting with your hiring manager or senior leadership, you can confirm what skills are most desired in applications.

The Food Service Counter Attendant, Kitchen Preparer and Other Occupation Jobs Outlook in BC

Food service counter attendants, food preparers and kitchen helpers work all day long. Flexible and split shifts are common. Food service counter attendants and food preparers are often carrying heavy trays.

They work in kitchens that are hot and humid and can be greasy. Food Counter Attendants, Kitchen helpers and related occupations in British Columbiare expected to have a fair employment outlook for the next two years. The outlook states that employment growth is expected to be weak and a small number of people are expected to retire.

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A Customer Service Team Member in Tim Hortons

A team member is employed in Tim hortons and can either drive to order taker, front counter or baker while the afternoon counter is only focused on the store front.

Counter Sales Personnel

Counter sales personnel are the first people customers meet when they enter a store. They are responsible for handling the sales process from the time of the first request to the execution of the order. Fast food outlets and retail stores have counter sales.

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A Customer Service Advisor

Counter attendants welcome customers into establishments, show them to their seats, and assist with any requests customers may have. Counter attendants are in coffee shops, cafeterias, and restaurants. They serve food or wrap it up for you.

Counter Attendant Positions in a Food Processing Facility

Counter Attendant is available to respond to patron requests. Responsible for making sandwiches and placing food in display cases. Counter Attendants have knowledge of proper food handling procedures and government regulations.

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Food Counter Attendant Position Description

The Food Counter Attendant is responsible for making sandwiches and placing food in display cases. Attends to patron requests. A high school diploma is required for being a food counter attendant.

Counter Attendants in Cafes

Counter attendants sell food and beverages in cafes. They have responsibilities that include welcoming customers in a friendly manner, answering queries about the menu, taking orders, and processing payments. Candidates that are outgoing and upbeat are good candidates to interview.

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Amusement Park Attendant Qualifications

Amusement park attendants perform a variety of duties in amusement parks, gaming centers, and recreational facilities where they help to make guests visit a great experience. A high school degree is not required to become an amusement park attendant. You must be enthusiastic and energetic to work in his role. When hiring for an amusement park attendant position, employers and recruiters often give applicants a set of requirements that they need to meet in order to be hired.

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