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Published: 10 Mar 2020

The Postal Job Description: Mail Handling in the USPS, Post Office Mail Handlers, Post Office Clerks in the United States Postal Service and more about mail handler job. Get more data about mail handler job for your career planning.

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The Postal Job Description: Mail Handling in the USPS

Mail is moved through the postal system efficiently. The mail handler job description includes a lot of different tasks, from unloading mail from trucks to moving heavy containers with machinery. Mail handlers spend most of the day on their feet and must be able to lift heavy sacks or containers of mail.

Mail handler work behind the scenes to handle mail before it is processed They unwrap mail from trucks, empty mail sacks and magazines. Mail is moved from trucks to machines.

The equipment that the handler may use to move mail from place to place include mules, pallet jacks, and forklift. Before loading sorted mail into trucks that will take it to the next stop in its journey, mail handlers place it in sacks, tubs, cages, dollies or hampers. Every piece of mail is handled by a handler.

The USPS package handler job description includes examining mail sacks to make sure they are completely empty and placing empty sacks on the rack. It would take a lot of time to place mail on the conveyor. The postal service uses mechanized dumpers.

When full and deposit mail is being sent, the dumpers tip over. Mail can become stuck at the bottom of the dumpers, despite them being very efficient. Mail handler is responsible for removing mail from the dumper.

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Post Office Mail Handlers

USPS careers include delivering mail and cashing money orders. There are vacancies for marketing specialists, legal experts, postal inspectors and more. You can start out as a mail handler or postal clerk and climb the career ladder as you gain experience.

Mail handlers are usually used to rotating between different tasks, such as loading containers, moving equipment and operating heavy machinery. You should perform at least one task during the shift. Administrative work may be included in your day-to-day duties.

You may need to keep records of incoming packages. It may not be as easy to find a job with the USPS, as they have few vacancies. The U.S. Postal Inspection Service warns of scam artists who claim to help people get a job at the postal service in exchange for a fee.

Post Office Clerks in the United States Postal Service

Major entry-level jobs like mail handling and clerks are important in the United States Postal Service. The two positions are very different. The main responsibility of USPS handler is to load, unload and move bulk mail throughout a building, facilitating the processing and distribution of letters, packages and parcels within the system.

Incoming mail will be unloaded and separated from trucks or conveyor systems which will be routed to distribution areas for processing. The ability to carry heavy bags of mail or packages weighing up to 70 pounds is a major component in the position. The primary job of a mail processing clerk is to operate and maintain the various types of automated sorting and scanning machines used for mail processing and distribution.

They are responsible for sorting packages. The ability to lift and move heavy bags and containers is a major duty of a processing clerk. The main and branch office facilities in large cities and local communities are where both the handler and processing clerks are employed.

Handling and processing clerks working in main and branch offices can be called on to assist the public and engage in customer service activities. Candidates must pass the USPS Test 473 to be considered for mail-handling jobs. The ability to lift heavy containers and packages is a requirement for handler.

The lowest pay level for mail handler assistants is on Schedule 1 and it is where the starting pay is. The lowest pay level is on Schedule 2. The post office clerk salary is determined by the number of years of service.

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An Introduction to Mail Sorting

Mail sorters are responsible for sorting, reviewing, and processing mail for distribution. They work for corporations, shipping companies, or state postal services to organize mail and make sure packages are delivered correctly. To be successful as a mail sorter, you should enjoy working with your hands and be mechanically minded. An outstanding mail sorter should be organized and have good judgement.

The Hotel & Post Office

The Hotel also provide the service of posting letter. The guest is staying at the hotel. The bell desk keeps the scales for stamps and letters.

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The Procedure of Handling Inwards Mail

The mail is usually opened by hand but a machine can be used if the number of letters is large. The machine cuts each envelope very finely. If it is powered on, a machine can open hundreds of letters in a minute.

The letters marked confidential or personal are not opened and are sent directly to the addressees. When necessary action is taken on the piece of mail received, the procedure of handling inwards mail will be complete. A letter has to be acknowledged or replied to.

An order has to be acted on. The supervisor of the receiving section should be responsible for carrying out the routine for handling inwards mail. If a piece of inwards mail is lost or notattended, a serious action has to be taken against the person who is in default.

The Postal Positions of a Mail Processor

A Mail Processor organizes, handles and distributes mail to Carriers. Their main duties include loading and unloading mail trucks, using machinery to sort through the mail and preparing large mail batches for distribution. A Mail handler is responsible for managing incoming and outgoing mail, assisting mechanized dumpers by removing letters left behind, and keeping working spaces clean.

They sort and cancel the mail, prepare the batches for distribution and make occasional deliveries. They sometimes rewrap damaged parcels. They must use copy machines and maintain records.

Mail handler can work as a clerk at the post office selling stamps and boxes to consumers and answering questions. They will weigh various packages to make sure they follow postal regulations and arrive at the desired destination time. The average salary for a mail handler is $17.28 per hour.

The current postal pay policies can affect the salary. Mail handler may be eligible for health insurance after a year of service. The Mail handler position requires a high school degree.

Mail handler candidates must pass a postal service exam and take a test to show they can check names and numbers quickly and accurately. Candidates are given on-the-job training and shadow workers during their first weeks. They can learn and watch processes when they start working.

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The Mail Handler

The Mail handler is responsible for all mail that is approved. The Mail handler uses multiple software applications and floor organization skills to ensure that all approved mail is handled correctly and completely. The Mail handler follows instructions and activities coordinated by the Mail Expeditors and Supervision to ensure that the mail is handled and prepared for delivery.

The Mail handler is responsible for opening and sorting envelopes. All the prepping functions for specific documents must be prepared for. As necessary, may perform secondary functions.

The Mail handler is expected to work efficiently. They will be responsible for sorting mail. The Mail handler will work five days per week.

The Average Salary of a Mail Handler in the USPS

The USPS has an average mail handler salary of $48,750 per year. Experience, education and skill are some of the things that affect the amount of money a mail handler makes.

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The Postal Service: A Job Description for a Physically Inspired Mail Handler

The United States Postal Service employs many people to make sure the mail gets to its destination. Mail clerks and mail carriers work in the post office. Mail handlers are behind the scenes loading and unloading trucks, sorting mail and repackaging mail when necessary so important letters and bills arrive in time for the people waiting for them.

USPS supplies most mail handler's jobs. Mail handlers work long days on their feet and need to have a lot of energy. They need physical strength to lift heavy mailbags for a long shift.

It's important to be mechanically inclined since the job may require that the handler fix jams or other minor problems with the machinery. The median pay for mail handler was over $50,000 in May. Mail is processed seven days a week, so mail handler work full time in shifts that include evenings, nights and weekends.

The Email Marketing Factory

The Email Marketing Factory was founded by Matt McDonald. He is an experienced digital marketing professional who specializes in paid search, email marketing, marketing automation,SEM, and content production. He has worked for a number of companies.

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Postal Exam 475: A Career in Mail Handler Assistant

Mail handler are rarely seen by the public. They load and unload containers of mail, transport mail and empty equipment throughout a Postal facility, open and empty sacks of mail, lift and carry parcels and sacks weighing up to 70 pounds, and push rolling containers weighing up to 1,500 pounds. There are three categories of mail handler positions.

The Postal exam 475 is required for all three categories. Depending on the needs of local Post Offices, you will find job postings for all three categories. Wages, benefits, and hours are provided individual job postings.

Entry level mail handler assistant is a good career path. If there are Mail Handler Assistants employed at the facility, the career position is offered to the senior Mail Handler Assistant. The Postmaster will post an open job listing for a career Mail handler position if there are no Mail handler assistants at that facility.

Mail handler assistants can be reappointed for additional terms if they choose. Mail handler assistant jobs may have some benefits after the first term. Mail handler assistant jobs are similar to casual mail handler jobs, but they cannot lead into career positions.

Material Handlers

Material handler move materials to the places they need to be They keep materials records to make sure the stock is accurate. Material handler make sure that the materials are handled and thrown away safely.

They make sure that all the company's departments have the materials they need to fulfill customer needs. A business supply chain has a material handler. There are two types of material handler.

Hazardous material handler handle hazardous materials. Material handling that is not dangerous include steel and products. Material Handlers should be fit because of their active jobs.

Their fitness gives them strength for lifting heavy things. They should be self-motivated as they are often alone. They need to be respectful of material handling guidelines and work in a methodical manner.

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The Mail handler exam 475 is one of the new Virtual Entry Assessment tests that replaced the retired exam . The below jobs are filled with Exam 475.

An Inward Mail Register

Office correspondence is communication in writing on a subject of mutual interest within the organization or outside the organization. The written communication is called dak or mail. Incoming mail is when the dak is received by an office from different sources.

Handling of incoming mail has given a paramount importance because of the various problems it creates. The mail should be handled quickly and accurately. The postman usually delivers mails once or twice a day.

When the volume of mail is large, a post box or post bag is hired in the post office and an office peon is required to collect the mail form the post office. The letters are usually received by other offices. The letters received are recorded in the mail register.

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