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Published: 27 Feb 2021

A Job Description in Mail Sorting, An Introduction to Mail Sorting, The Postmaster of a Mail Sorting Facility, The Post Office Pays Off and more about mail sorter job. Get more data about mail sorter job for your career planning.

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A Job Description in Mail Sorting

A mail sorter is a person who handles mail. Your responsibilities as a mail sorter include operating mail sorting machines. You sort bulk mail geographically and by postage type, creating batches that move on to the next destination in the sorting and delivery process. You will have to work on your feet for extended periods of time as a mail sorter.

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An Introduction to Mail Sorting

Mail sorters are responsible for sorting, reviewing, and processing mail for distribution. They work for corporations, shipping companies, or state postal services to organize mail and make sure packages are delivered correctly. To be successful as a mail sorter, you should enjoy working with your hands and be mechanically minded. An outstanding mail sorter should be organized and have good judgement.

The Postmaster of a Mail Sorting Facility

If you want a relatively routine job with decent pay, mail sorter might be a good fit. Mail sorters earned an average annual salary of $48,750 in May 2012 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Mail sorters receive packages and letters.

You check the packages and letters for legible addresses when you unload the containers. If possible, the items are returned to the sender. You check for postage that is correct.

The sorter will attach a "postage due" label to the mail if postage is insufficient. Mail sorters are supposed to process income mail and route outgoing mail. Each postal facility has its own procedures and equipment.

The outgoing mail is sorted by zip code and prepared for transportation to another postal zone. The routes assigned to the drivers at the post office are used to sort incoming mail. Each driver is responsible for sorting the mail before they leave.

The use of processing equipment completes the sorting process. The sorter loads the mail. The equipment needs to be adjusted to ensure accuracy.

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The Post Office Pays Off

Mail sorters help carriers organize their routes so that mail is delivered on time. The efficiency of your local post office may be in the same league as the Pony Express if you don't have them. Mail sorters sort mail according to zip codes.

They load bags for mail carriers. Between mail sorting duties, you can also help customers with package purchases and distribute mail to the post office boxes inside the building. Mail sorters are responsible for wrapping ripped or broken packages and canceling postal stamps by hand.

A mail sorter checks and makes changes to packages as needed. You clean and repair equipment as needed, and tidy your area before your shift ends. If you are experienced, you can teach new mail sorters about the post office's policies.

The job of mail sorter requires applicants to be 18. Those with high school diplomas or GEDs are preferred by post offices. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that once hired, you must pass a Civil Service exam that tests your speed in recognizing names and distribution procedures.

Training usually includes working with an experienced mail sorter. Mail sorters earned an average annual salary of $48,380 in May 2011. If you are among the top 10 percent of earners, you can make over $53,100.

Sorting Postal Work

Postal workers are required to sort mail. The sorters use processing machinery to ensure that all letters and packages are delivered to the correct address and to keep records for when a shipment goes out and when it arrives.

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The Royal Mail Parcel and Letter Sorter

Royal Mail processing can process over a million items in a single shift, with letters of love and news from afar, engagements and exam results being some of the items. Parcel and Letter Sorters are part of the Royal Mail team and work to efficient process methods and adapt to various roles to deliver a one-price-goes-anywhere postal service to 29 million addresses across the UK. The mail sorting role is an excellent opportunity for self-motivated individuals to join a fast paced and energetic environment in a variety of roles that include unloading mail from vans, moving it around in trolleys, manually sorting parcels or letters and operating machinery.

The Job Description of a Bank Mail Sorter

A sorter operator is the person who helps sort the bank mail by opening, capturing and processing customer payments and other communications. The individual sorts and secures mail. The sorter operator might have to document account information.

If mail was torn or a notice was returned because of an incorrect address, the operator would need to route those manually. The job can be physically demanding. Sorters must be able to lift 25 lbs.

They sort and transfer mail. Candidates for the job must be willing to work long hours and in a fast paced environment. 95 percent of the time the sorter operator is standing, they only need basic computer and phone skills.

Sorter operators must have a high school degree or equivalent and have good communication skills. The machines need to be reported quickly and accurately because of the issues that could affect customers' accounts. It is preferred that prior machine-operating experience is used.

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Experience in a Mailroom Clerk Job Description

If the organization receives a lot of mails daily, a good computer skill will enable the clerk to use computer applications to sort, distribute and track the mails. If you are applying for a mailroom clerk job and need to include experience in your resume, it will be more appealing to employers. The skills section of your resume can be used to make it more appealing to employers because it contains the attributes they already believe will make a more effective mailroom clerk.

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Benefits Package for Mail Sorters

Mail sorters sort and deliver mail to the addressees or place it in boxes or baskets to find them. They must work quickly and efficiently because they are often responsible for handling hundreds or thousands of pieces of mail. Mail sorters receive on-the-job training to help them get to know their job and the company they work for.

It may take several weeks of training before mail sorters are familiar with everyone who works at the company and know where to deliver mail. Mail sorters can expect a full benefits package, even if they work for the private sector the government. Retirement options include health, dental, vision, and life insurance.

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Candidates for Mail Sorters

Mail sorters are responsible for handling inbound and outbound mail for large corporations. They sort through mail manually and operate mail processing machines to make sure that mail reaches the correct people on time. The best candidates for mail sorters will have a keen eye for detail and good organization. Candidates who lack physical strength should be wary.

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