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Published: 21 Jan 2019

The Sortation Associate Position Description, Become an Amazon Sort Center Associate, The Shipper's Responsibility, Handling Pallet in Supply Chains, Warehouse Sorters and more about pallet sorter job. Get more data about pallet sorter job for your career planning.

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The Sortation Associate Position Description

The sortation associate has to be efficient and efficient in a busy warehouse setting to deal with lots of moving equipment. The associate will be responsible for a variety of tasks, including sorting packages, building pallet, transporting crates with a pallet jack, and sorting parcels and cartons. Sortation associates are responsible for sorting, wrapping, and shipment, organizing stock and inventories, and evaluating products for flaws and defects.

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Become an Amazon Sort Center Associate

If you are interested in becoming a sort center associate at Amazon or other companies, you will need to meet certain skills and qualities, including proven and adequate warehouse experience, ability to operate the forklift, hand truck, pallet jack, and other warehouse data system.

The Shipper's Responsibility

It doesn't matter if the shipment is an FCL or LCL. The responsibilities of the shipper are the same. It is not easy to prepare a container or pallet and wait for it to arrive.

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Handling Pallet in Supply Chains

The global supply chain uses palletes as one of the most basic but important tools. They can be a hazard if you don't take care. There are injuries that can be caused by the use of palletes in supply chain operations.

The result could be tragic if a man lift is used for a nonapproved purpose. Material handlers are served by the fact that there are roughly 2 billion pallets in the United States. Gloves and safety shoes are recommended when handling pallet, as well as if a pallet is dropped on a foot.

If there are pallets being dropped, hearing protection may be necessary. Soft landing is required when placing pallet on floor to avoid noise. If you are not sure if the pallet is appropriate for the job, you should remove it from the workplace.

Set aside damaged or substandard pallet for reuse. If they end up being used, damaged pallet can be a serious hazard. A worker standing on a pallet can be injured if a deck board breaks or if his foot gets caught between deck boards.

Some nine-leg designs may be prone to tipping when empty. Workers can access products at the back of the pallet if they step between or on the pallet. If the worker loses balance while stepping between pallet, it can result in an injury.

Warehouse Sorters

Warehouse sorters are in charge of sorting equipment and finished packages to make sure the warehouse is running smoothly. Their duties include checking work orders with corresponding items and batches, loading stock onto delivery trucks, and reporting any damages to the supervisor.

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