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Published: 21 Jan 2019

Medication Aides in Some States, Certified Medication Aides in Clinical Settings, Certified Medication Aide: A Job Description, Certified Medication Aides in Nursing and more about medication aide job. Get more data about medication aide job for your career planning.

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Medication Aides in Some States

In some places, aides are not allowed to administer all types of medicine themselves. Some methods might require a licensed nurse or doctor. A medication aide can help the nurse or doctor.

The aide is responsible for distributing the medication to patients who can take it themselves. An aide will measure vital signs of patients throughout the day. If a patient's vital signs are outside of the normal range, the aide will inform the facility's nurses or doctors on duty.

A medication aide must note any allergies or other reactions in patients' files. To respond to and contact doctors in an emergency, medication aides need to know how to recognize and assess the signs. Some states have people who help with medication.

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Certified Medication Aides in Clinical Settings

Certified medication aides, also known as CMAs, administer all kinds of medication. Hospitals, nursing homes, and medical facilities hire certified medication aides to work full-time on nights and weekends. Certified medication aides work in a collaborative team environment in clinical settings.

They don't travel outside of the facility to do their jobs. The nursing supervisor usually has certified medication aides on duty. All prescriptions are taken properly and the dosage instructions are followed as certified medication aides watch patients administer their own medication.

Certified Medication Aide: A Job Description

A certified nursing assistant or a Certified Medication Aide is in charge of providing the daily medications to the patients. You will be working in a hospital or medical staff. You will be responsible for keeping an eye on the patient and reporting any changes to the doctor.

You need to be passionate about medicine to be a Certified Medication Aide. You will have to be positive throughout your work hours, and you will have to work around patients going through tough times. You should have a good knowledge of medical equipment.

You have to be passionate about the job and you have to be enthusiastic about learning new techniques. A certified medication aide will have to be skilled and responsible at medical care as they will be performing tests and making reports. Good analyzing skills and attention to detail are required to monitor the patient's health.

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Certified Medication Aides in Nursing

Certified medication aides can be found in nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, adult day care centers, hospitals, schools, and correction facilities. Some medication aides work for a traveling nurse company that visits a patient's home to administer their medication. To get a two-year associate's degree or a four-year bachelor's degree in nursing, medication aides need to go back to school.

Students study a variety of areas. After training, graduates can sit for a license. The median salary for certified medication aides with at least one year of experience was between $18,118 and $28,730, with an hourly rate of $9.68 to $12.25.

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