Multiple Launch Rocket Fire Direction Specialist Job Description


Author: Loyd
Published: 24 Jan 2020

Deputy Lieutenant General, Platoon Fire Direction, The Fire Control Officer of the 1st Battalion Field Artillery Platoon, Integrated Operations in the Army with Strategic Fire Control Specialists and more about multiple launch rocket fire direction specialist job. Get more data about multiple launch rocket fire direction specialist job for your career planning.

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Deputy Lieutenant General, Platoon Fire Direction

Assists in directing personnel. The soldiers in the Platoon FDC are led by the MOS 13P. Plots information using maps.

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The Fire Control Officer of the 1st Battalion Field Artillery Platoon

Supervise the handling, transportation, and distribution of the ammunition. Section chief is assisted in supervision of howitzer operations. Basic periodic tests are conducted by the weapon for direction.

The Field Artillery Ammunition Support Vehicle is being operated on. The Howitzer Gunner in M109A6 155MM FA BN was responsible for accurate fire on the Paladin and for assisting in the training, welfare, health and discipline of three soldiers. Assists fire control NCO in their work.

The person is in charge of computer operations and trains. Establishes control information to establish communications with subscribers. TAFCS failures are identified and corrected.

Fire Control Sergeant in the 1st brigade combat team of 1CD, was responsible for fire direction operations, communications setup and maintenance, and was also involved in fire mission processing, fire support planning, and movement control. Assists Senior Fire Control Sergeant and Operations SGM in supervision of all fire control operations in the cannon battery and higher echelons, including preparation of operations, communications setup and maintenance, fire mission processing, fire support planning, fire support execution, movement control, field artillery mission support. Assist FAATDS NCO in all their operations.

FAATDS can be operated at the cannon battery and higher echelons. The computer operations include fire mission processing, fire plan schedules and data base construction. The person applies meteorological and muzzle velocity corrections.

Integrated Operations in the Army with Strategic Fire Control Specialists

You will use strategic skills to coordinate and integrate weapons operations as a Fire Control Specialist. You will process and relay battlefield information to a network of fires. You will integrate information from multiple users and sensors through the Army and other service networks.

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The Dynamics of a Rocket Engine

The development of rockets has been going on for more than two thousand years, but only in the last three hundred years have rocket experimenters had a scientific basis for understanding how they work. In rocket flight, forces become unbalanced. A rocket is on the ground.

The rocket is pushed up by the surface of the pad. The thrust from the rocket unbalances the forces and the rocket travels upward. When the rocket runs out of fuel, it slows down, stops at the highest point of its flight, and falls back to Earth.

The expelling of gas from the engine is what rockets do. The rocket moves in the opposite direction. The mass of the rocket is not the only factor that must be taken into account when determining the strength of the engine.

The M270 Launcher

The first M270s were delivered to the U.S. Army in 1983, and since then the MLRS has been adopted by several NATO countries. More than one million rockets have been produced in the United States and Europe. The last M270 was delivered to the Egyptian Army in 2003

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The Platoon Fire Department

Assist in directing personnel. 13P personnel are in the Platoon FDC. Plot information using charts and maps.

The Use of Weapons in Air and Space

Weapons are used to destroy enemy positions. Air defense crew members use missiles and rockets more than field crew members do. Naval crew members use torpedoes and missiles from ships and boats. Responsibilities include testing, inspecting, and storing missiles, torpedoes, and other weapons, conducting preventive and routine maintenance, and operating weapons.

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Field Artillery Specialists

Field Artillery leaders are responsible for the design and development of fire support for the force, as well as supporting unit training and readiness. The primary mission of the units is to provide fire support to the infantry and tank units in combat. Fire support specialists help the Army determine where to deploy their weapons.

You need a secret security clearance and a 93 in the FA area. It is a high-pressure combat job that requires soldiers who can make decisions. Being a Field Artillery Specialist is more than just dropping lead from above.

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