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Published: 4 Mar 2019

Plant Engineers: A Job Outlook for Industrial Engineering, PayScale: A Survey of Plant Engineers, Plant Engineering Skills and more about plant engineer job. Get more data about plant engineer job for your career planning.

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Plant Engineers: A Job Outlook for Industrial Engineering

A plant engineer is usually on the payroll of a manufacturing company. Plant engineers are also known as manufacturing engineers and oversee the plant's mechanical, electrical and automated systems. Good technical knowledge is not enough for a plant engineer.

A plant engineer is in charge of the electrical and mechanical systems. Installation to repair are some of the duties. Good planning skills, solid written and oral communication skills, and technical skill are all needed to do your job successfully.

Plant engineers may be called on to improve efficiency, upgrade to new technologies, repair equipment, increase production and reduce bottlenecks in manufacturing according to GHD. When a new product is needed or when it's necessary to solve problems at an existing facility, businesses can consult with plant engineers. The job of plant engineer is more intense than the description makes it sound, according to a talent evaluation company.

Errors installation or glitch in machinery can lead to big losses for the manufacturing company. A plant engineer has to test and fix machinery. Engineers are often on the go and have to deal with more than one problem at a time.

The BLS says that if you want to enter any branch of industrial engineering, you need a four-year engineering degree. Industrial engineering, mechanical engineering and manufacturing engineering degrees are good options. You need hands-on experience to be able to teach.

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PayScale: A Survey of Plant Engineers

Plant engineers may be involved in monitoring and maintaining plant equipment and machinery to make sure it runs as it should. Entry-level plant engineers are usually responsible for fixing mechanical issues. Plant engineers review project plans to make sure timelines and blueprints are accurate and that cost estimates are tied to the budget.

They give advice and guidance for any changes that are necessary. PayScale shows that the median annual salary for plant engineers is nearly $79,000. The lowest paid plant engineers earn around $55,000 annually, while the highest paid earn close to $109,000.

Plant Engineering Skills

Plant engineering is a function that provides manufacturing knowledge to help a plant engineer manage a plant efficiently. The plant engineer is responsible for planning, designing, installing, modifying, and maintaining the plant facilities. Plant engineers need a lot of skills, some are technical and some are only from experience working in a plant.

Plant engineers have a lot of responsibilities, including increasing efficiency, lowering costs, and ensuring higher profitability. Their work is so important that it affects other areas. College educated industrial or manufacturing engineers with experience in manufacturing, quality, safety, and management are essential.

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