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Published: 5 Jun 2021

The Outlook for Recreation Workers, Communication in Parks and Rec, A Conversation with Thomas Waterloe, Interview Questions for Recreation Coordinators, Group Activities in Public, Private and Volunteer Agencies and more about recreation program coordinator job. Get more data about recreation program coordinator job for your career planning.

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The Outlook for Recreation Workers

The range of recreation coordinators' salaries varies from organization to organization. Recreation coordinators can quickly move to higher-level positions with higher salaries since they do not need extensive experience. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the outlook for recreation workers is good, because of an increased need for workers in sports and fitness centers. More recreation workers are needed in assisted living and retirement facilities because of the aging baby boomers.

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Communication in Parks and Rec

Communication is important within and outside of a parks and rec organization. Communication is important between new projects, community programs and government proposals. Losing government, community support, or memberships at your organization can be a result of getting your wires crossed.

A Conversation with Thomas Waterloe

Thomas discovered his passion for promoting and facilitating recreation at the municipal level through his academic and co-op experiences at the University of Waterloo. Thomas is the Manager of Operations and Projects for the Township of Woolwich and he oversees all of the facilities within the Township.

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Interview Questions for Recreation Coordinators

The recreation coordinators have to play a lot of roles. Your ability in setting relationships with other team members should be included in your interview answers and you should mention your contribution into the success of the team.

Group Activities in Public, Private and Volunteer Agencies

Group activities can be done in public, private, or volunteer agencies. Taking into account the needs and interests of individual members, organize and promote activities such as arts and crafts, sports, games, music, dramatics, social recreation, camping, and hobbies.

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Program Coordinating Jobs in the Construction Industry

A high school degree is the minimum education required to get the program coordinating job. Employers want more from their future employees than just to have graduated high school, in the current job market. The budget, schedule, and implementation of the programs are all important for most people working in the field.

Most employers prefer their candidates to have some experience in the industry they want to work in. A candidate with no experience in an industry has a better chance of getting a job than a candidate with experience in a different industry. It is not hard to get relevant experience for the position.

Potential employees can get their job experience through internship. Someone can start out having clerical duties and gain the skills and knowledge to become a program coordinator. Program coordinators can usually dictate their own working hours since they are responsible for the entire team schedule.

The program coordinators work week is usually around 30 or 40 hours. It can change depending on the state of the project. The off-season can shorten the work week by up to 40 hours.

A 50-hour work week can be achieved during a particularly intense period of large workload. overtime is usually dependent on how well the program is being coordinated. The average salary for a program coordinator is $42,043.

Program Coordinators: Skills and Experience

Administrative support, program development and regulatory compliance are some of the duties of program coordinators. Higher education institutions and health and public services have the title. Duties may differ in other industries, but the skillset is the same.

situational questions are questions that are inspired from the programs you expect the incumbent to work on. The best candidates will be able to explain how their skills match the responsibilities of the position and how they have dealt with similar situations before. Ask questions about technology in program management.

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Certificate in Adventure Tourism and Recreation

The Certificate in Adventure Tourism and Recreation program at VIU will help you get a career in the wilderness. You will learn about tourism in BC in your outdoor classroom. You can learn with experienced instructors who will teach you in a small class setting and give you hands-on training in the field.

The program includes an overview of leisure, recreation, and adventure tourism, and an examination of the relationship between natural resources and the development of sustainable tourism and recreation opportunities. Studies of successful leadership in coast eco-adventure tourism, the planning and delivery of environmental, coastal and cultural interpretation, and programming for adventure tourism and recreation are all completed. Students are prepared for assistant level guiding in marine and land environments through the field and internship component.

The majority of the program will be spent in the field. 15 credits are primarily on-campus academic foundation courses. The internship work-study experience in the adventure tourism and recreation industry is one of the 15 credits that are off-campus.

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