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Published: 27 Mar 2019

Traffic Manager - A Digital Marketing Role, Traffic Managers, Traffic Managers, The Traffic Manager for an Agency, Traffic Management in Emergency Operations and more about traffic manager job. Get more data about traffic manager job for your career planning.

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Traffic Manager - A Digital Marketing Role

Traffic managers have a passion for design and flair. They are skilled at running a great campaign from concept to delivery, as well as being competent in allocating resources, monitoring and reporting on the status of the project. You need to have a passion for the web and digital technologies to work in a media role.

You will have a flair for creativity, be able to manage multiple project deliverables and be a fast-paced worker. Solid people management and communication skills are what you will have. Traffic managers have great organizational competencies and can manage the creative process from start to finish.

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Traffic Managers

A traffic manager is talking about a job in two different fields. There are traffic managers in marketing and advertising agencies, but there are also traffic managers in the shipping industry. A traffic manager at an advertising agency is in charge of the flow of projects.

To make sure initiatives are finished on time and with high quality, traffic managers need soft skills such as communication and organizational expertise. They need to be calm under pressure. A successful traffic manager can't afford to get flustered with looming deadlines because they can't juggle a lot of projects.

Being able to adapt to new demands is important. If you are good at planning and want a fast-paced role that will help you hone your project management and leadership skills, the traffic manager role is for you. The main goal of a traffic manager is to make sure that all marketing work flows smoothly to the production departments.

They are responsible for keeping everyone on task and projects on time, handling the logistics and keeping all parties updated on the progress. Their end goal? The project should go smoothly if the client and the professionals are satisfied with the end result.

You need to be able to organize and collaborate to succeed as a traffic manager. Traffic managers juggle a lot of requests from clients with limited resources. Strong decision-making and prioritization are essential to make sure everything runs smoothly, and traffic managers need to be as organized as possible to schedule, monitor and adjust deadlines and resources as needed.

Time-management, an eye for detail and problem solving skills are required. It is important to have good project management software. Most employers look for professionals with previous traffic experience in agencies or corporate settings, whether that is in an agency or corporate setting.

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The Traffic Manager for an Agency

Agencies can bring in a traffic manager who is responsible for scheduling jobs and moving them through the various stages of development. The traffic manager reviews each job every day and uses the agency's chosen project management software to keep track of the job status. The traffic manager keeps track of the task dependencies and it may be necessary to change some tasks.

Traffic Management in Emergency Operations

Traffic management involves providing safety equipment such as cones and barrier fences, as well as putting up traffic lights and redirecting traffic through road closings and diversions. Without traffic management operatives the roads would be dangerous for teams to carry out repairs. The teams who put up the temporary traffic lights are trained to control traffic in a way that the risk to workers is minimized and that any drivers forced to take a diversion can do so in a way that causes minimal disruption.

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The number of external and in-house agencies that do not have the function of the traffic manager has increased. The AMs can open their own jobs, assign tasks to employees, track their jobs, route materials and oversee jobs for their clients in the project management system.

The Production Manager

The primary duties of a production manager are to connect account executives to other departments within the ad agency that produce the products they sold. The Traffic Manager assigns workers to each step of the process when setting deadlines for the completion of a job. The account executive is contacted by the Traffic Manager when the project is not progressing as expected.

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The Media Director: A Traffic Manager's Perspective

The media director can work with the traffic manager to plan their media budgets. The traffic manager will be considered a hero if they do their job right. The client is happy because everything is running smoothly due to their schedules.

Everyone notices when the traffic manager does a poor job. The logistical mess can cause clients to leave the agency due to deadlines not being met, rush fees not being paid, and teams being too busy. Depending on location and experience, the salary for advertising positions varies greatly.

The median base salary for an advertising traffic manager is $80,000. The figure rises to $108,598 when bonuses and benefits are taken into account. It is a well-paid job, but it comes with some pressures that you would expect.

Traffic managers are very organized. You will need to be cool under pressure as a traffic manager, you will be expected to lead people and teams under tight deadlines. You should be a person who likes interacting with other people, as much of your daily duties are related to that.

You should be able to solve problems and be proficient in traffic management software. A traffic manager will need a bachelor's degree in advertising, marketing, or some other business related field to be successful. It is often the case that considerable agency experience will be considered.

One possibility for advancement is taking on more managerial responsibilities as the head of a team of traffic managers. There are other options for sales or marketing manager positions. Some traffic managers want to be consultants.

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