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Published: 3 Mar 2019

Using discretion in the training of an unarmed security officer, The Pay of Corporate Security Officers, Fast Guard Service: A Local Security Firm and more about armed security officer job. Get more data about armed security officer job for your career planning.

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Using discretion in the training of an unarmed security officer

When people are under extreme duress, armed security officers are trained to use weapons, which they may use when they are assigned. The armed security officers are called armed guards. You should be able to use discretion when using your weapon as a security officer. The outstanding armed security officers will want to expand their training beyond the mandatory level.

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The Pay of Corporate Security Officers

Consider working as an armed security guard during the night at an office building. Most of your shifts are quiet, with few people coming and going. Monitoring alarms and cameras might consume a lot of your time.

It's the biggest box to tick on a corporate security officer job description. Being an armed security officer carries a set of expectations. ZipRecruiter has a job description for a corporate security officer that requires candidates to have a firearms permit while also having baton, pepper spray and cardiopulmonary resuscitation credentials.

Experience in security, law enforcement or the military is a bonus. A 20-hour armed security training course in Illinois for $130 but also a four-week, 84-hour armed security professional course for $1,700. The longer course has more in-depth instruction.

You wouldn't be the first person to notice the discrepancy between the pay of security officers and police officers. The annual salary of security guards was $29,680 in May. The top earner made more than $50,310, while the lowest earner made less than $21,150.

Fast Guard Service: A Local Security Firm

Trained armed security guards should be trained in other ways to diffuse potential problems, prevent violence, or stop crimes from being committed, for whatever charge they are hired to protect. In case they are ever called upon to use their weapons, armed guards must be proficient with firearms. Private security guards are hired to protect an area, a person or persons from potential attack, hostilities or criminal activities.

Fast Guard Service has a staff of armed security officers with years of experience who are proficient in using and safety of firearms. Fast Guard Service has an excellent reputation as the premier security firm in the Southeast United States, and they train and test all of their staff. Fast Guard Service can help you find armed security officers for commercial or personal protection.

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Security Guards: A Survey

The risk of attack by terrorists, bombers ordinary criminals is why armed security personnel are hired to protect corporate facilities, diplomatic or government offices and other sensitive locations. They must be prepared to engage in a gunfight with attackers to stop the violence. Some armed response security professionals work at corporate office buildings to deter or respond to attacks.

They respond to the presence of an active shooter by immediately confronting the individual and using lethal force to prevent or cut short an attempted mass shooting. Companies hire armed security personnel to protect their facilities because a guard on location can respond much more quickly than police. Depending on the job, armed security personnel might be assigned to guard an access point, check everyone who wants to enter the facility and search them for weapons or explosives.

They might use a system of video cameras to keep an eye on multiple locations. National embassies, consulates, government agencies and United Nations locations sometimes hire armed security personnel to protect them from terrorist attacks. The guards should be prepared to engage attackers and defeat them in combat if they are to deter some attacks.

The property has armed guards who control the access to the property and conduct searches of the premises to find and remove bombs or dangerous objects. Students who want to work in armed security can take some community college courses. A student with a 40 hour community college certification as an armed security professional can find work as a guard at a corporate office or private security company.

Military experience and training are required for armed response positions at nuclear facilities. The median pay for security guards in 2010 was $24,380. The more sensitive armed response and counter-terrorist positions do not make salary information public.

Security Officers: The Rise and Fall of the Guard

The core responsibilities of security officers can be a demanding job, but the security officer job opportunities are becoming more and more vast due to the increase in the need for protective services after events such as September 11th, school and office shootings.

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Paying More for a Security Guard

A watchman is a security guard who only watches one location. A watchman doesn't carry any self-defense weapons or devices and is not able to stop people from entering. A watchman is paid the least of all the ranking ones.

A security guard is still an entry level position. A security guard has a bigger scope of duties than a watchman but still does not have self-defense weapons. Security guards are paid less and have less training requirements.

Unlike other security personnel, armed security personnel can carry firearms. Security guards who are armed are usually paid more than those who are not because of the higher risks of carrying firearms. The security guard rankings are described.

An armed security officer is paid more than unarmed security officer. An armed security officer has the same responsibilities as an unarmed security officer, although they are trained in the use of firearms. An armed officer has a higher training requirement than unarmed security officer.

A public safety officer has more responsibilities than a security officer. A college degree and training in law enforcement are required for a public safety officer. They are the highest-paying level of security officers.

Security Officer Resume: Experience, Skills and Responsibilities

A security officer resume needs to show you have experience in guarding, patrolling, monitoring, and controlling assigned premises in order to curtail vandals, theft, and violence. Security officers are armed. Networking with state and federal law enforcement personnel is a strong skill.

There is a secure area. When people are under extreme duress, armed security officers are trained to use weapons, which they may use when they are assigned. The skills and responsibilities of an armed security officer should be understood.

Security guards watch for harmful situations like theft, fire, and vandals. Patrolling and securing the area. The bureau of labor statistics projects that the number of security officers and security guards will increase from about 33,300 in the year of 2020 to over 43,000 in the year of 2029.

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The Information Security Administrator

The Systems Administrator will work with the Senior Information Security analyst to communicate and enforce information security policies and procedures.

Training Private Security Officers

Security guard training is required to protect property, people and assets. Private agencies that provide services to their clients on a contract basis hire guards to deter illegal activities and maintain peace. We have a complete resource for you to start your career.

The relevant sections can be found here. There are many requirements one needs to fulfill in order to be a private security officer. There are requirements in all states.

The training requirements are dependent on whether you are preparing for an armed or an unarmed position. Security companies are the top employers. They often have contracts with other companies to place their employees.

They usually change their employees after a year or two. Residential and commercial complexes, patrol service, executive security, bodyguard service, and event security are some of the services offered by security firms. Many security services can be changed.

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Training an armed security guard with fire arms

Many businesses require security guards with fire arms to protect their assets. The guards must be trained to reduce the dangers of the position. Fire arms are provided to security guards during armed guard training.

You will need to learn how to handle a firearm safely. Before you can get an arms license, you have to pass a background test. Being an armed guard has many benefits.

You will get more money as an armed personnel and have more career growth opportunities. You can progress in your career if you become a supervisor and a regional manager. Training for armed security guard is dependent on firearms training.

You will learn how to take care of your gun during the training. If you have to shoot in a real situation, you will get shooting practice in a fire range so that you are comfortable. Civil and criminal liability will be learned when you use a firearm.

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