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Published: 27 Feb 2019

The Bakery Clerk Position in a Supermarket, The Bakery Clerk Position at a Supermarket, A Bakery Clerk Position at Wal-Mart, A bakery business model and more about bakery clerk job. Get more data about bakery clerk job for your career planning.

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The Bakery Clerk Position in a Supermarket

The bakery department of a supermarket requires a lot of work from the bakery clerks. The job is simple, but it is a challenge that has a direct impact on the bakery department. It is a service role that does not typically require any special education beyond on-the-job training, and can be found with aspiring Pastry Chefs.

Boutique bakeries and large-scale baking facilities can hire bakery clerks. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says demand for bakery clerks will rise 7 percent through the year of 2024. The role of Bakery Clerk requires some technical knowledge, but it is mostly soft skills that are needed.

The role of the bakery clerk is customer-facing, so it requires the ability to maintain a positive attitude. It takes the ability to work in a fast-paced environment to do it. The national median salary for bakery clerks is $24,170.

The bottom 10 percent make $18,140, while the top 10 percent make over $38,400. Alaska, Hawaii and Nevada have the highest median salaries for bakery clerks. The bakery clerk uses commercial ovens to bake bread, pastries and cakes on a daily basis.

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The Bakery Clerk Position at a Supermarket

The bakery clerk is in the bakery department of the store. Responsible for preparing baked goods and other items for sale, arranging and wrapping bakery products, and placing bakery items in display cases. Being a bakery clerk can operate machines.

A Bakery Clerk Position at Wal-Mart

The bakery clerks do their work in the bakery department. They may be exposed to different temperatures. The work involves walking, standing, lifting and carrying products up to 60 pounds.

A courtesy clerk adds value to a shopper's experience by bagging and transporting purchases, and by keeping the store and surrounding areas clean and tidy. Candidates who are friendly and helpful will be ideal. Candidates with unkempt hair should be avoided.

As a bakery clerk, you will make baked goods, interact with customers, take special orders, stocking the bakery, operating and cleaning equipment, and packaging and labeling bakery products. Prepare and bake breads, rolls, cookies, pies, cakes, biscuits, puddings, cobblers, brownies and other baked good items. Assist with training and monitoring others in its safe usage, if needed, andAccurately and appropriately utilize the various bakery equipment.

A bakery associate is hired to help with the bakery area, stocking and the sale of baked goods, and to help with customer service by adhering to the basic beliefs and values of Wal-mart. A general merchandise clerk is supposed to help customers in selecting and purchasing items. They should maintain an inventory of products yearly and place special orders if there are any.

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A bakery business model

The bakery workers keep track of their inventory. They inspect baked goods to make sure they are of the highest quality. The bakery workers are preparing products.

There are three main types of bakers. The bakers are responsible for the entire operations of the bakery. They are often responsible for deciding what kinds of baked goods to offer each day.

Baking is a creative outlet for many, but running a bakery requires a hard skill set. If you can take on the responsibility of directing and managing the business end, you will be able to start dreaming up any number of baked goods to sell. It is possible to start a bakery business.

Sample Resume for a Bakery Clerk

The bakery clerks are responsible for taking orders, collecting payments, answering customer inquiries, handling complaints, and assisting the baker with various tasks. Customer service orientation, good communication skills, being able to work in a standing position for hours, and good numeracy skills are some of the skills that a sample resume for a bakery clerk should emphasize. A high school degree is often seen on bakery clerk resume.

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Food Clerks in the U.S

People shop for groceries at the supermarket and often run into a variety of employees. There are usually produce workers, butcher and bakery clerks on the sales floor who can answer customer questions and help them find items. A food clerk is the last person a store patron will interact with.

Retail food industry chains can be used for advancement. A lot of store managers started their careers as baggers or food clerks. Smaller stores don't offer many opportunities for career growth.

Assisting a Baker in the Closer Shop

A bakery clerk fills customers orders for baked goods. In a bakery with a lot of customers, the clerk may only be able to assist them, but in a smaller bakery, the clerk may be able to assist the baker with some tasks.

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The Salary of a Bakery Clerk

There are no formal education requirements to become a bakery clerk. Customer service roles have experience. It is not essential to a career as a bakery clerk as it will give you the experience to progress into more senior roles.

Cover Letter Sample for a Bakery Clerk

In the professional bakery clerk cover letter sample, you can increase the impact of your cover letter through targeted and effective use of vivid action verbs such as operated, baked, cooperated, interacted, delivered, communicated, responded, and solved.

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Bakers in a bakery

Depending on the volume of customers bakeries can employ several Bakers, Head Bakers and Assistant Bakers. Store Managers, Delivery Drivers, and Custodians can all work at a bakery. A dedicated cake Decorator at some bakeries uses icing, frosting, sugar and chocolate to create attractive images on cakes, cupcakes and cookies.

Other roles that can work with a bakery on a contract basis include accountants, marketing specialists, and bookkeepers. There are three main types of bakers. The bakers are responsible for the entire operations of the bakery.

They are often responsible for deciding what kinds of baked goods to offer each day. The pastry chef is a baker who works at restaurants to create and execute their dessert menu. Production bakers focus on baking large amounts of bread, rolls, muffins and other baked goods that can be produced in bulk.

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