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Published: 23 May 2021

Document Review Jobs in the Era of E-Discovery, Document Controller, Document Controllers, Documentation Requirements for Deliverables, Clerks: A Professional Assistant, FlexJobs: Compensation and Benefit Structure for Legal Document Review Specialist and more about document review clerk job. Get more data about document review clerk job for your career planning.

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Document Review Jobs in the Era of E-Discovery

Most documents reside in computer databases due to the advances in technology. Document reviewers spend most of their days in front of a computer screen, instead of sifting through paper documents. The document reviewer's role has expanded due to the advent of e-discovery.

A document reviewer's salary is dependent on a number of factors. Document reviewers can make more money by working overtime. Large cities like New York, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles pay the highest rates.

Foreign language fluency projects may pay more. The document review world is evolving as a sub-specialties and a career path within the document review industry begins to emerge. Document review has been criticized as tedious, mind-numbing, sweatshop work with little chance for advancement, low prestige, a lack of steady work, stigmand a work atmosphere where breaks are limited and speed is monitored.

The status of document review work is changing. Roles have become more complex as a result of e-discovery. Document review jobs have a good work-life balance.

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Document Controller

A document controller is responsible for the timely, accurate and efficient preparation and management of documents. They control the numbering, sorting, filing, storing and retrieving of both electronic and hard copy documents.

Document Controllers

Document controllers manage and oversee documents for a project or entire organization. They make sure the documents are signed and created, that the data is accurate, and that the documents are backed up. Document controllers are also responsible for the retrieval of documents.

The Document Controller may receive requests, log them in a database system and then give the requested materials, or it may be more informal. Document controllers must be able to quickly and efficiently retrieve documents when needed. Document controllers may be tasked with training employees in the proper way to create and fill out company documents.

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Documentation Requirements for Deliverables

The documentation required will usually include some form of operational documentation which describes how the deliverables will be provided to the Customer by the Supplier. The supplier and customer will have responsibility for authoring the documents.

Clerks: A Professional Assistant

A clerk is responsible for administrative tasks. They respond to phone calls and emails, maintain an organized filing system, and replenish office supplies as needed. Administrative support for those that work in an office setting is provided by clerks.

They help managers and employees run their businesses by running their own tasks. They are responsible for completing a range of clerical tasks, like making copies, faxing documents and writing invoices. They may be responsible for arranging employee travel for business trips.

Clerks make an average of $12.84 per hour. hourly rates can vary depending on experience, employer and industry Clerks working for government organizations and professional, scientific and technical services are some of the most well-paid in the country.

A salary range on a Clerk job posting can attract more suitable applicants. Depending on the business and time they are prepared to invest in training a new employee, experience requirements for clerks vary. Clerks with at least two years of experience need the least training.

Clerks who have experience working with office software preferred by most companies. The scope of clerical duties and level of seniority of clerks and secretaries differ, but they both perform the same duties. Clerks typically perform clerical tasks like answering phones, making copies, organizing files and distributing mail for all office employees.

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Document review specialists look at documents in legal proceedings. Legal document reviewers look at documents relevant to pending investigations and litigation, while mortgage document reviewers ensure the accuracy and completeness of mortgage documents. Depending on the level of education and experience, document review jobs can have different compensation.

Certified paralegals and licensed attorneys who work as document review specialists can make more money than other people. If you have experience in document review and are ready to work from home, you should check out FlexJobs. Members can start searching now.

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