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Published: 27 Jan 2019

Managing Maintenance Work in Large Organizations, FastMaint: A Fully Functional Demo of FastMain, The CMMS Software Planning System, AFE: a professional association for maintenance planning and more about maintenance planner job. Get more data about maintenance planner job for your career planning.

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Managing Maintenance Work in Large Organizations

Maintenance management is about hundreds of small tasks that need to be performed to keep assets in good operating condition. Managing equipment maintenance is a job for an organized maintenance department for organizations with a substantial asset portfolio. A maintenance planner is at the center of it all.

They have to coordinate all maintenance personnel and keep an eye on available resources to get the job done. The maintenance planner is a key part of maintenance management, but they are hard to find in smaller organizations. Maintenance managers or supervisors are the ones who handle maintenance planning.

Delays and deferred maintenance backlog can be caused by operational hiccups. The day-to-day activities of the maintenance team can be different depending on the size of the organization. The maintenance planner must be allowed to focus on planning and coordination of maintenance activities when overseeing massive operations.

Making costly mistakes in the planning process can be caused by being Burdened with other tasks. There are different ways to become a maintenance planner. One way to get qualifications is to complete an undergraduate degree or college course in a related subject.

They may take a postgraduate program in project management or operations management after that. There is no better tool for scheduling, tracking, and managing maintenance work than a CMMS. The maintenance planners work is simplified by the software that streamlines it like receiving work requests, sending automatic job priority updates, and creating preventive maintenance schedules.

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FastMaint: A Fully Functional Demo of FastMain

The maintenance planner has many responsibilities. It is important to plan and schedule maintenance on equipment. The planners needs to make sure that spare parts and supplies are available to complete planned maintenance work as well as the technicians are available to do the work.

When holding supplies that are not needed for a while, the spare part costs can be significant. The maintenance planner should be able to plan for such items in a timely manner. It is important to cultivate good relationships with a group of vendors who are able to demonstrate their ability to supply reasonably priced and acceptable quality spare and supplies with short notice.

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The CMMS Software Planning System

There is a current back up of work orders. The request is given to the planners. The foreman or craft workers are the ones who are reviewed by the planners.

The job is put on the schedule once it is planned and approved. The foreman has a weekly schedule reviewed by the planners before the start of the week. Information for the entire facility.

The planner develops codes for the equipment, stores, and task craft assignments. The planners is the keeper of the software data files. The planners constantly review the information they input into the CMMS for completeness and accuracy.

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AFE: a professional association for maintenance planning

It is up to a Maintenance Planner to make sure that all the machines in the manufacturing and industrial settings are running at optimal efficiency. Maintenance planners create maintenance schedules, maintain parts inventory and work with maintenance staff, contractors and outside vendors. AFE was formed in 1915 and provides professional development opportunities, such as webinars and review courses, as well as newsletters and an online journal covering all aspects of maintenance planning and similar responsibilities.

Maintenance Planners

Maintenance planners work in oil refineries, manufacturing, engineering and mining facilities. Working conditions can be dangerous. They may be required to work longer hours at times and may be on call in case of emergencies.

Maintenance planners may be required to work in shifts outside of regular working hours in some work environments. Maintenance planners need to know the components used in the process machinery they are responsible for maintaining, as well as the equipment used in conjunction with it. The equipment they use is usually diagnostic in nature, but is relevant to the type of equipment they maintain.

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The role of maintenance planner in a machine building project

A mechanical equipment planner knows the design of machines that they will plan and prepare maintenance on. If you want great maintenance planning done, they need to know how to repair machines themselves. Someone with that level of knowledge can plan the maintenance if a Planner is not so technically capable.

A maintenance planner and scheduler will need to be very proficient in using planning software to create job plans, schedule work orders and develop job network diagrams. They will need to be comfortable with spread sheet software to do their jobs. They will need to be experts on the site.

A maintenance planner needs to know the basics of condition monitoring, of maintenance strategy, of how to create reliability, of the science of the production process, and of using soft skills when working with maintenance and operations people. If someone who does not have the minimum level of knowledge, skills and capability is put into the role of maintenance planning, it will result in a lot of wasted efforts and frustration for the production and maintenance groups. People who don't know how machinery is built and maintained can learn from the missing knowledge.

A Maintenance Planner for Heavy-Duty Manufacturing

Heavy-duty manufacturing companies have a lot of equipment that malfunction. Maintenance technicians, maintenance managers, and mechanics are informed when it happens. Maintenance personnel need the right tools at the right time.

A maintenance planner is needed. A maintenance planner is a person who schedules, organizes, and documents maintenance. The maintenance system is put into motion based on the equipment reliability needs of the facility.

Maintenance planners can reduce the effort it takes to get a repair job done thanks to streamlining methodologies. They can perform most of their duties remotely or with a minimal presence on site with the help of the software. Maintenance planners and coordinators work together to make sure the has all the tools it needs to repair machinery and reduce downtimes.

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