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Published: 16 Feb 2019

Overnight Stocker Salaries at Walmart, Night Stocking Job Description, The Role of the Inventory Manager in a Grocery Store, Overnight Stocker on Career Biss and more about night stocker job. Get more data about night stocker job for your career planning.

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Overnight Stocker Salaries at Walmart

It is a physical job. There is not enough time to finish everything. It's almost always short staffed.

The biggest department has the least amount of people doing the work. An overnight stocker works in a retail store to keep the store organized. Stockers are hired to work overnight to keep the shelves full without getting in the way of customers.

What do overnight stockers at Walmart make? The Walmart overnight stocker salary is usually fifteen dollars per hour. Walmart's overnight stocker salaries can be as high as $24 per hour.

There are duties. Walmart overnight stockers organize displays and set up merchandise. They are responsible for adjusting prices and completing documentation so that stores know when more products are needed.

No extra for overnight shift, hourly for any shift worked. If you are on Military Leave and your Walmart pay is less than yours, Walmart will make up the difference with a pay differential to get you to your Walmart pay level. A stocker works on an average of 30 hours a week for full-time and 26 hours for part-time.

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Night Stocking Job Description

Many employers prefer high school graduates to be night stockers, although you don't need a formal education to be a night stocker. You need physical strength and stamina to perform your job, and you must be at least 18 years old. As a night stocker, you have to verify the inventory against the store records, lift and move heavy items or boxes of merchandise, and replenish the store shelves during closed hours. Communication and team skills are important when working with other night stockers.

The Role of the Inventory Manager in a Grocery Store

Organizational skills are needed. Stockers need to have good organizational skills in order to organize their activities. They need to be able to work independently and under supervision, and to follow instructions without being reprimanded.

It is important to have self-motivation as a skill set. Interpersonal skills are important. Stockers need strongInterpersonal skills to be able to cater to the customers needs adequately.

They need to maintain a good working relationship with their superiors. The minimum age for stocker job is 18 years old. One of the most common requirements is a high school degree.

Word processing, bookkeeping, and taking computer courses can help someone. The chances of getting the job. Work experience is not always mandatory.

Most employers want their future stockers to know some things before they start working. It's a lot easier to work in the warehouse or shelves with some experience. A person with a stocker job description can expect to make as much as $10,000 a year for the rest of their lives.

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Overnight Stocker on Career Biss

A high school degree is required to become a stocker. The daily duties are physically demanding and require moving around most of the time. Stockers work during the day but sometimes at night and on the weekends.

A stocker is in charge of inventory in a store. Stocking store shelves with product shipments are some of the duties stockers typically have. Ensuring that the correct products are in the correct quantities is the main focus.

What does a Walmart stocker do? The Walmart stock associate job title involves moderate to heavy labor. Primary job duties include loading and unloading shipments, organizing backroom spaces, constructing displays, and stocking shelves.

They require you to lift at least 50 pounds. You must have a team lift if you are over 50 pounds. The average rating for Walmart is 3.6, making them 25% less happy than every other employee at Walmart and 4% less happy than every other Overnight Stocker on CareerBliss.

The Stock Clerk Position: A Job Description

The Stock Clerk is responsible for making sure that consumers have access to the merchandise they are looking for by organizing product displays and storage. Their duties include putting products on shelves and adding price tags. Stockers pack, organize and track inventory in retail, wholesale and warehouse environments.

They arrange items by category and deliver them to different areas so that shoppers can easily access each product. Stockers help determine when to place a new inventory order or move items from storage to display by keeping a record of which products are running low. They can use machinery to move heavy loads and use a scanning device to indicate when a product is ready for sale.

Stockers clean up packaging after placing items on the shelves. The average salary for a Stocker is $12.86 per hour. The company and location may affect the salary.

The tenure of a stocker is usually less than a year. Stockers make an average of $3,750 per year in overtime. A stocker should have a high school degree.

Stockers with prior computer knowledge have a better chance of finding work. An associate degree in business or logistics is an advantage for a Stocker. Stockers receive on the job training after they are hired.

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Night Stockers: A Career in a Growing Industry

Night stockers fill empty shelves from 8 pm to 7 am and sort and arrange boxes from storerooms and warehouses. If they discover damaged merchandise, they inform their supervisors and set them aside for repair or replacement. They must record their activities so they are accurate.

Stockers inform inventory control staff if there are low inventories of items. Night stockers don't need a formal postsecondary education, although many have a high school degree. Minimum age of 18 and physical strength are required by many employers to be able to work a shift.

Shift supervisors are usually the best place to learn from new employees. Computer training and experience are helpful for those working with inventory systems. Business courses can help with keeping records and filling out inventory forms.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that stock clerks averaged $24,250 per year over the course of a year. The annual pay could between $16,780 and $36,440. Most worked in grocery stores and department stores, with an average annual salary of over twenty grand.

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Overnight Stockers

The overnight stockers are responsible for making sure the retailers have enough stock. They also make sure the products have the right price tag label. The person creates displays for promotional.

Resume Examples for Walmart Overnight Stockers

Walmart overnight stockers may perform some of the duties that are done by a store, such as unloading trucks, sorting products in the backroom, and stocking products on shelves. The overnight stocker has to receive products when they are delivered to the warehouse, which involves overseeing the transportation of products from the backroom onto the store floor and distributing them to their appropriate location throughout the store. The overnight stocker at Walmart may be required to ensure and maintain the store's hygiene, as well as create displays and stock products.

Adding a professional or work experience section to your resume will make it more effective and will help you get a job. The professional experience section of your resume can show the responsibilities you have performed as an overnight stocker, which can be seen as proof that you have been successful. They will be able to learn the duties and responsibilities of the overnight stocker job and so will be prepared to work for Walmart or similar companies in that role.

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