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Published: 19 Apr 2021

Production Artists: A Career in Graphic Design, The Production Artist Position, Make-Up Artists, Production Designer: Supervising Art Director, The Art World and more about production artist job. Get more data about production artist job for your career planning.

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Production Artists: A Career in Graphic Design

If you have ever looked into a career in creative work, you will most likely know the job title of a production artist. It may seem like a pretty straightforward title, but there is more to it than that. If you are a person who is not afraid to get technical with design, you will find the production artist job description worth your time.

You can find production artists in a lot of places. If there is a creative team present, a production artist can be helpful, as they can make sure the work actually happens and free up designers and directors to think of a proper path. A creative career can be applied to nearly any field of interest.

There are plenty of opportunities for production artists to work with new or interesting clients if the company needs branding and design work completed. A production artist is involved in the production of graphic material, packaging, display and advertising projects. They may work with graphic designers to format artwork, ensure print quality standards are met, and organize files.

The production artist is in the trenches making the design deliverables happen, while an art director graphic designer is in the middle of a project. They are responsible for coming up with creative solutions to make sure things happen the way they are supposed to. Production artists have a keen eye for detail and know how to get the job done, they also work with a variety of design programs.

They need strong layout skills, organizational abilities and excellent file-categorizing prowess to ensure artwork is production-ready and projects are completed on time. The BLS says that candidates for graphic design positions need a Bachelor's degree. A formal education can help you get your foot in the door, but you should also consider a well-rounded design portfolio.

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The Production Artist Position

The position of production artists has evolved to include prepress work for both print and digital projects. Design teams rely on production artists to assist in the production of print, packaging, advertising, point-of-purchase and digital graphics. Preflight formatting is the most common duty for a production artist.

The production artist is the one who brings to life the creative concepts that the art director and graphic designer executes. Strong layout skills, strict attention to detail, outstanding organizational skills, and file-organization are all required. A bachelor's degree in design is required for the production artist position.

Make-Up Artists

Performers have to have their make-up and hair done by a make-up artist before they can perform. Make-Up Artists can work on film, live music, photo shoots, television and theatre. Their work involves creating characters through make-up, hair and makeup.

Academic qualifications are not always important. It is possible to become a make-up artist without a degree. Make-Up Artists often complete training to gain experience.

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Production Designer: Supervising Art Director

The production designer is responsible for the visualization and generation of set design, sketches and renderings, location selection and treatments, and design concept relating to set decoration, props, special effects, and special lighting. A supervising art director is needed when there are many art directors working on multiple sets. The art director is responsible for the budget, the different schedules, the liaisons between departments, and the details of their assigned sets.

The art director is in charge of all visual elements required for production. An art director is the administrative and organizational heart of the art department, responsible for developing and monitoring the art department budget, along with schedules for all related departments. The concept artist or concept illustrator creates visual aids to convey the vision of the director and the production designer.

The Art World

The art world is complex and interwoven with artists and their production. Artists are part of a larger community and they play a larger role than one might think. An artist's role is almost like that of an Alchemist, who can transform a few humble materials into objects which are imbued with spiritual and aesthetic value and then possibly also material value.

An artist fills many roles. Local artists bring a sense of pride to the community. It shows young people how to pursue careers in the arts.

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Production Artists

Production artists are trained to prepare images for production, adjust color balance, size, and resolution to ensure that images are of the highest possible quality and that there are no errors in colors or gradients. They can use image editing software to correct defects. Many production artists interact with clients directly to ensure that the project is perfect and serves as liaisons between clients and creative teams.

The production artist can be a project manager, gathering information from clients and ensuring that work is completed according to budget and deadline. Production artists maintain file libraries and databases to ensure that image and media files are available for later projects. The production artists create and maintain libraries that contain the various pieces of the project that they created.

A Computer Science Perspective on Production Artists

Production artists use software to create and make changes to commercial art and will work with creative teams to execute designs. They work in a variety of industries. To be a successful production artist, you need to be computer savvy. A top-notch production artist is an expert with digital interface, can work well under stress, and has a keen eye for details, no matter how small.

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Production Artists in the United States

Most production artists need a bachelor's degree in graphic design or a related field to work in production. They will need experience in a marketing team. The average annual salary for a production artist in the US is over $50,000.

The lowest 10% make less than $34,000 per year, while the highest 10% make over $85,000 per year. Designers and creative directors are likely to work with production artists. Production artists may progress to have more responsibility and independence with more experience.

As a Production Artist, you will be taking on designs during the final phases of development, making improvements and finally production. You should be preparing them for publication.

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The production artist is responsible for collaborating with art directors, designers, and developers to prepare final press-ready files based on supplied specifications. The talent must be able to make various formats of artwork production-ready and resolve any issues that arise during the process while providing image retouching or additional manipulation services. Before a package is released, it is checked to make sure it will print well and customers can have confidence.

Production Artists are under constant deadlines and must be able to manage their time. Knowledge of web development languages like Javascript and HTML, as well as expertise with digital interface such as apps or websites, will be important factors in a Production Artist's success. There are production artists in design agencies, advertising firms, and marketing departments.

They help the team by freeing up time for designers and directors to come up with creative ideas. It is exciting to work in a creative field. Production artists are likely to work with new clients who need branding done for their company as the process of creativity can be applied to any industry.

Associate Degree Programs in Graphic Design

A degree in graphic design is a must for production artists. An associate degree program can prepare you for a bachelor's degree in graphic design. Digital imagery, color theory and application are topics that can be covered in an associate's program for graphic design.

Design software is required for working as a production artist. Consider participating in an internship to gain experience. internship opportunities are available in many associate's degree and bachelor's degree programs.

If you attend a program without internship requirements, you can build your experience in an entry level role to advance in your career. Obtaining a certification that shows your expertise can boost your career prospects. Production artists who are eligible can take and pass an exam to get a certification for design software and technology.

Certifications that show your expertise in using the programs can give you a competitive advantage in the job market. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the growth of occupations in art and graphic design to decline between now and 2029. Even with a decline in job availability, there are many applications that need the skills of production artists, graphic designers and other creatives.

Career availability can also mean opportunities to advance your skills and qualifications in your industry so you have a competitive advantage in the job market. Hard and soft skills are used by production artists. A deep knowledge of art and graphic design software is required for completing projects and analytical skills are required for planning designs, developing concept art and making decisions about production processes.

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